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Who Is Leaving Anonymous, Passive-Aggressive Notes On Coleridge?

Neighbor Ellen wonders WTF: I’d love to know who is leaving these notes on our houses on Coleridge. They appeared on houses between the mini-park and Fair Avenue sometime early this morning (or very late last night). One of my … Continue reading

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Newfangled Gas Pump Converts Sunlight Into Text Messages

Just in time for tonight’s glamorous Summer Solstice Stroll, a clever new fixture has been installed in front of the exceedingly clever New Wheel Electric Bicycle Shop on Cortland. As you no doubt recall, The New Wheel sells newfangled electric … Continue reading

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The 2012 Summer Solstice Stroll on Cortland, TOMORROW

Tens of thousands of years ago, an ancient tribe of druids gathered in the area that we now know of as Cortlandia for an annual event to mark the longest day of the year. During this yearly ceremony, our proto-Bernalese … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Protesting Today to Halt Foreclosure of Neighbor’s Home

Those street-savvy social activists from Occupy Bernal are organizing a protest against Wells Fargo Bank today to (hopefully) halt a Bernal Heights foreclosure that will likely result in the eviction of Neighbors Maria and Washington from their home: Occupy the Auctions … Continue reading

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One Year Later, Remembering the SFFD’s Lt. Vincent Perez

It’s been only slightly more than a year since the death of San Francisco Firefighter Lt. Vincent Perez. As you may remember, Perez was the SFFD veteran who was raised on Wool Street in Bernal Heights; he died a hero … Continue reading

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Bernal Surrealists Do Strange Things with Street Names and Food

A duo of guerrilla surrealists had their way with some Bernal Heights sidewalks recently, and the results were rather fruitful: We had some fun with a few Bernalwood street names & thought we would share. Aaron & Allison There’s more: … Continue reading

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Swarming Gastropods Invade Bernal Home, Veeeery Sloooowly

Neighbor Michelle reports that her home on Highland Ave. has been besieged by a relentless army of invading snails: Last night I went out to the garage to do my laundry (in true Bernalwood style this means going out the … Continue reading

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Photographs of Bernal Hill During a Warm Summer Night

In Bernal Heights, as in all of San Francisco, warm nights are a rare treat. So when they happen, I like to mark the occasion is by trekking up to Bernal Hill with a camera and tripod to take in … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day, Bernalwood!

Happy Father’s Day and blah blah blah yadda yadda! It’s a great day for Bernal dads, and we hope everyone will please respect the rules. But most of all, I’ve just been waiting for a good excuse to publish this … Continue reading

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Bernal Stitchbomber Strikes Again, Creates Golden Gate Bridge Installation on the Hill

The Bernal Stitchbomber has struck again, with a Golden Gate Bridge-themed piece on Bernal Hill: Another Stitchbomb – this is a large-scale adaptation of my Golden Gate Bridge cross-stitch pattern, done at the top of beautiful Bernal Hill on a windy … Continue reading

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Sweeeeeet! Art Show at Rock Candy Snack Shop, Saturday

The Rock Candy Snack Shop on Cortland is having an artshow called Chocolate Saloon tomorrow, on Saturday, June 16th, from 5pm-7pm.  Whoo hoo! There’s also an after-party from 7-10 pm at the stylish Lucky Horseshoe, just a few doors west. … Continue reading

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Wild Old Women of Bernal Heights Still Occupying BofA

They don’t quit! Instagrammer Linds930 snapped this photo today of Bernal’s Wild Old Women as they Occupied the Bank of America branch on Mission Street in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone: A fun lot of self proclaimed “old women” occupy … Continue reading

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Beer and Wine Now on the Menu at Progressive Grounds

To some, this will certainly represent progress: you can now enjoy a glass of beer or wine with your lunch at venerable Cortland Street cafe Progressive Grounds. Technically speaking, you could enjoy the same with your morning bagel, starting at … Continue reading

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