Anonymous Note Seeks to Silence Neighborhood Blog

Here’s a novel twist: Instead of leaving scolding notes about careless parking behavior, someone posted a scolding note on the Bernal Heights Park bulletin board about careless blogging in our neighborhood.

Bernalwood is conflicted: Naturally, we will not tolerate any such oppressive attempts at disempowerment, especially when delivered in such a tacky font. Yet at the same time, we agree wholeheartedly.

PHOTO: @hernanp

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38 Responses to Anonymous Note Seeks to Silence Neighborhood Blog

  1. vasya pupkin says:

    Fix the image link or the note doesn’t exist :)

    • vasya pupkin says:

      huh. seemed to have fixed itself.. apologies, my intertubes must’ve been blocked.
      Hope the poster that the best defense against bloggers is to not read the blogs.
      problem solved.

  2. my treats my beats says:

    Hahahahahahahaha! Wah! Stop blogging about my neighborhood. Here’s a thought: move. You’re probably driving up the price of property anyway. And who posts a printed note on a wall? Why not email bernalwood directly. Cry me a river. I’d love to frame that.

  3. Jean says:

    Smells like the Bernal Hill dumper wants to keep dumping and have nobody blog about it!!!

  4. Brandon says:

    Perhaps you should change the name of the blog to CognitiveDissonancewood?

  5. Brandon says:

    Wait. Do you think that this might be a warning from La Lenguan separatists? I think a stop-and-frisk program should be implemented immediately in the Bernal Lowlands to stamp out the vestiges of the resistance.

  6. Kathy Sabatino says:

    Please Do Not stop blogging about My
    neighborhood. I and many many of us
    neighbors truly enjoy your blog!!!


  7. Janis says:

    That’s a tacky font?

  8. John says:

    Aha! The passive-agressive, fancy font, note leaver strikes again. Incredible.

  9. MrsCaptainSlow says:

    Could have been worse: Comic Sans.

  10. Blog on, Bernalwood. We love you!

  11. Ellen Greenberg says:

    I think Brandon may be on to something. Stay alert, people!

  12. mcsweet says:

    I would write on the note “why?”. Hopefully they would respond so we could find out what is bothering this person. They are bothered enough to print out a note and post it. They could have posted on Craigslist or some other online site but they didn’t, even though they clearly have access to a computer. They also could have written directly to the blogger they don’t like. But they don’t want to take ownership of it by putting their name or details. I am curious about their conflict.

  13. Judge Crater says:

    Bernalwood is the best source of information about our hill. Otherwise you are relying on the New Bernal Journal, which is really about the doings of the Neighborhood Center, and doesn’t capture a lot of the other local news and activities.

  14. Doug Coleridge says:

    I’m thinking this is blackberry related.

  15. Kathleen says:

    Implication in the introduction implies that it is the same person who left prior notes about poor parking behavior which could only be an assumption, and that this note is scolding. I fail to see exactly what would be scolding about it.
    The second paragraph in the intro is just plain ridiculous.
    My opinion is that you are trying to create drama when actually none exists.
    If that is the case – good job!

  16. Chris m says:

    T-shirts please!

  17. Dick Draxler says:

    Ha Ha and so wrong! Not your neighborhood, I saw it and liked it First….around ’81 or ’82…Top that.

  18. I like the font, dislike the sentiment, agree they have a right to express it.
    Do please keep blogging. I’m not from Bernal but appreciate the hyper-local neighborhood blogs.

  19. 26 January 2008 – The day the Blog died.

  20. scott says:

    so… this response is continuing the blogging about her neighborhood that she requests be stopped, the irony of a response does not escape me.

    • @Scott: But no one has the right to ask people to stop blogging about their neighborhood. No one owns the neighborhood, or the right to write about it. Or am I misunderstanding what you said?

    • Jenner Davis says:

      “Her” neighborhood? “She” requests? It would appear that the identity of the note-leaver is more of a mystery to some than to others.

  21. who_the says:

    Is that a desperate ‘NO’ etched into the right side of the sign?

  22. 20-year manchester street resident says:


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