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Two Must-Read Articles by Bernal Heights Journalists

Though you’d hardly know it from the paltry number of then who have written for Bernalwood (AHEM! Hint! Hint!), Bernal Heights is home to several celebrity journalists who write for glamorous national publications. For example, Tim Dickinson is a contributing … Continue reading

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Watch a Film About Watching a Film at the Bernal Heights Outdoor Film Festival

Last night I fought my way through the velvet ropes and throngs of groupies to attend the glamorous Bernal Heights Outdoor Film Festival screening that happened on the north side of Bernal Hill. Since there were no critics from Fox … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Bluebird Can’t Resist Cigarette Cravings

Neighbor Preston photographed a blue jay getting a nicotine fix from his balcony on Ripley: This bird flew up to an ashtray, beaked up a cigarette, went back to the railing on the balcony and just chilled there for a … Continue reading

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The Ten Cheapest Homes For Sale in Bernal Heights Right Now

Looking for an inexpensive home to buy in glamorous Bernal Heights? You already know this, but such a thing does not really exist. Ack. Nevertheless. on a relative basis, what does an entry-level Bernal Heights home look like these days? This … Continue reading

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Hey, What Happened to That Owl on Gates Street?

Neighbors Rudy and Kseniya report that an owl has gone missing from a home on Gates near Cortland. The missing creature is a presumably a decorative statue… but we’re not entirely sure. Also, :-( UPDATE: The owl belonged to Neighbor Nancy, who … Continue reading

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Sinkhole on Ellsworth Opens Portal to Alternate Universe

Neighbor Rachel reports there was a water main break on Ellsworth at Jarboe last night. The break created a small sinkhole that provided a rare glimpse at the watery realm that dwells just beneath our feet: We woke up last … Continue reading

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Action! It’s Time for the Bernal Heights Outdoor Film Festival

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time of year when the streets of Bernal Heights are clogged with black stretch limousines disgorging gaggles of glamorous celebrities and glitterati, all of whom have come to enjoy the world-famous Bernal … Continue reading

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Your Bernal Heights Crime Summary for August 2012

It’s that special time of the month for Bernal crime-watchers. Your ever-vigilant Neighbors Sarah and Edie attended the SFPD’s Ingleside Station Chief’s Meeting last week, and they typed up this mega-handy summary of the latest Bernal Heights crime news. This … Continue reading

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Crescent Neighbors Say New 23 Muni Bus Stop Really Sucks

A Muni bus stop was relocated recently on Crescent Avenue at Ellsworth, and the natives are not happy. Bernalwood has received multiple complaints about the location of the new bus stop, and here is Neighbor Michael’s summary of the situation: There’s … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Don’t Worry, That Helicopter Hovering Above Bernal This Morning Was Probably Not Searching for Radiation

  CORRECTION: Neighbor Sasha says: Nope,  I thought it was [a radiation-sniffing helicopter]  too,  but it was a news copter right above my house (in lower Noe) with camera trained on 28th and Church,  where there was a shooting and … Continue reading

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Big Capp Street Fire Witnessed From and By Bernalwood

There was a two-alarm fire in a cottage on Capp Street between 23rd and 24th yesterday. While the SFFD went to work on the blaze, Neighbor Benjamin photographed the situation from his Bernal Heights observation post. As destiny would have … Continue reading

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Mars Rover Mission Exposed as Elaborate Bernal Hill Hoax

Neighbor Yatima and I recently spent some time looking at this photo, which was taken last weekend atop Bernal Hill by a Bernalwood reporter. Savvy Bernalese will immediately recognize this as the southwest corner of the hill; it’s the area … Continue reading

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A Superb Seasonal Photo of Sutrito and Sutro Towers

A few days ago, Neighbor David took this wonderful photo from the top of Bernal Hill. In it, we see our own Sutrito Tower playing peekaboo with its fog-shrouded big brother, Sutro Tower. Spectacular! PHOTO: dhmspector on Instgram

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