Locavore Photographer Displays Bernal Photos at Locavore

Photographer Kim Steele spent 19 years in New York, shooting editorial assignments for glamorous magazines like Life, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, Smithsonian, Paris Match, and Stern. He also saw his fine art photos added to the collections of glamorous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Then, about 10+ years ago, he moved to Bernal Heights, where he says he “fell in love with the mix of people and architecture.” Neighbor Kim’s Bernalphilia comes through loud and clear in his newest collection of images, which is currently on display inside Locavore, the tasty restaurant on Mission at Valencia.

Stop in to take a peek, but in the meantime, enjoy the sampler of Kim’s work included here.

ALL PHOTOS: Kim Steele

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5 Responses to Locavore Photographer Displays Bernal Photos at Locavore

  1. scott says:

    too bad the food and service are not as good as the art. tried once, never again.

  2. Kim Steele says:

    I think the service is very considerate and friendly;)

  3. anthony says:

    Nice series Kim..takes me back to happy holidays in San Fran.

  4. alek kardas says:

    What a wonderful way to give back to your community—-with a loving portrait,

  5. George says:

    Kim Steele is a master photographer – the right setting, the right ime, the right angle – he captures the mood and transports us.
    George Bruno
    Immigration Attorney, Manchester, NH

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