The Alemany Night Market Was Fabulous, So Let’s Do It Again

Alemany Night Market

Alemany Night Market

Alemany Night Market

As you can see, last Friday’s first-ever Alemany Night Market was a smashing success. And just as you’d expect, everyone there was soooooooo stylish and glamorous. Check out this group of hipsters:

Alemany Night Market

I was impressed by the woman wearing a drop-dead gorgeous haute-couture wrap. It’s Prada, I believe:

Alemany Night Market

Star Sighting! I also saw Miss Anna from Anda’s Piroshki:

Alemany Night Market

Naturally, the media was on hand to interview all the Bernal Heights celebrities:

Alemany Night Market

Yet amid all the glitz and great food, I kept thinking one thing: A night market is a fantastic use of the Farmer’s Market site. It’s a fun way to take make the most of the facility, and I really really really hope that something like last Friday’s event can become a semi-regular fixture there.

Until then, however, enjoy these photos, and kudos to La Cocina for orchestrating such a terrific (and inspiring) evening.

Let’s do that again sometime!

Alemany Night Market

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6 Responses to The Alemany Night Market Was Fabulous, So Let’s Do It Again

  1. denise debruin says:

    Hey Todd Lapin; I am so impressed with you. so cute!!!, love it

    && sorry I missed this event. Looking forward to the Next one! Denise

  2. Brandon says:

    I’m all for a monthly Food Truck Friday Night™ at the farmer’s market.

  3. bernalgirl says:

    Anyone know if there were any noise complaints from the surrounding houses? Seems that BHNC worked hard to get the word out and provide a venue for questions.

  4. Ellen Greenberg says:

    I missed it, but hope it happens again. Looks like it was big fun!

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