Yarn Bombers Mark Territory in La Lengua

Those militant yarn bombers are at it again, spreading their colorful, creative pixie-dust in the heart of the La Lengua Autonomous Zone.  Neighbor Barbara says:

I came across some new (to me) yarn bombing on 29th Street on Monday. We need more! Who are the yarn bombers? I hope they will do some SF Giants related yarn bombing soon, in honor of the playoffs.

PHOTO: Neighbor Barbara

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9 Responses to Yarn Bombers Mark Territory in La Lengua

  1. Amy says:

    What happened to the yarn covered bollards at precita park? I loved them!!

  2. jennifer k says:

    I love the Yarn Bombers! Thanks for making the hood cozy and colorful!

  3. masonkirby says:

    Isn’t this area now called Transmission according to Apple?

    • Stephen says:

      along with: Outset, French Quarter, Baja Noe, Somisspo and Little Russia to name few other ‘i’neighborhoods

      • friscolex says:

        Can we just focus on the yarn and pretend this whole Mapplegate thing isn’t real? *sticking head back in sand until Google Maps is back for reals*

  4. Brandon says:

    I know it’s technically vandalism, but the yarn bombing is beautiful.

    • friscolex says:

      I like how you can scoot is around to provide a cushion and not scratch the pain on your bike when you park! This is for people that care about their paint jobs, not people that ride beaters like me. :-)

  5. bldxyz says:

    My only question about yarn bombing: what happens when it rains? Does it not decay? What is the end if the yarn bomb life cycle?

  6. TallDave says:

    SF Giants, SF Pride, Golden State Warriors – I like!

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