Is This Your Cat? Cute Black Kitty Found on Moultrie

Neighbor Brian just filed a Found Feline Report with the Bernalwood Office of Animal Repatriation. He says:

This black kitty showed up in our back yard on Moultrie near Tompkins about two weeks ago, and it hasn’t left. Every day since then, the kitty has been in our yard meowing and looking for some love. He doesn’t seem to be a stray and is very affectionate, loves to be pet, and will even let you pick him up and hold him. He doesn’t have a collar, but seems to be pretty healthy. I’ve kept my eyes open around town for ‘lost cat’ signs but haven’t seen any. We’d love to reunite this pretty black kitty with its owner if possible or give him a home if we can’t find his owner. Unfortunately we’ve got a couple cats already, and can’t really take in another. Hopefully, if we can’t his owner, a fellow Bernalwoodian would want to take him in.

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20 Responses to Is This Your Cat? Cute Black Kitty Found on Moultrie

  1. I’m sure you’ve already done so but I would also send into the SPCA as well as checking with our neighbors at Bernal Beast as many times they post lost animals there. If we didn’t already qualify as the crazy cat ladies of Bernal we’d take him as well! Hope he finds a good home!

  2. Amy says:

    There are many signs on San Jose Avenue for a missing black kitty. Big Reward! I saw a big sign yesterday by the mini-park on San Jose and 28th. Oh I do hope this is a match!

  3. fabuloid says:

    @amy – thanks for the info. i’ll check that area for the signs on my way home from work today.

  4. erin malone says:

    There are signs on the corner of the Martha Bros. on Cortland for a lost black kitty with golden eyes. Perhaps this is the cat.

  5. Nathalie Criou says:

    Would love to chat if the owner does not show up

    Sent from my typo factory.

    • fabuloid says:

      Hi Nathalie…we still haven’t found a home for the little guy. Please email me if you are still interested and hopefully we can work something out. I was outside with him this morning and all he wanted to do was sit in my lap and be pet. He’s a sweet little kitty.

  6. It’s probably not the black cat Sebastien who was lost 3 years ago… but just in case, here’s the link:

  7. Ben says:

    This cat has been “out and about” for at least a couple of months. I’ve seen this cat on my deck on Andover Street several times but not recently.

  8. Honey Cat says:

    Here’s the info from the missy black kitty sign posted on Cortland this morning:

    Lost near Ogden and Gates Street 12lb, 7-year-old neutered cat named “Taz.” He has been microchipped. If found please call Dolores Lucas at 415-374-5524, 415-285-6953 or 415-285-0796. Was wearing light green collar with dark green hearts. Taz is black with light grey undercoat intermingled with black near his belly. He has beautiful green and gold eyes. Please help him come home!

    Clearly from somebody who loves their cat.

  9. krwalsh says:

    I think there is a lost cat sign up on the corner of Tompkins and Prentiss. Could very well be this cat.

  10. waldo says:

    I’ll take him. That cat just wrote an app that will automatically textâ„¢ the RidePalâ„¢ shuttle if it’s blocking your driveway. Which it probably is.

  11. Beth says:

    I met a very friendly, young black kitty without a collar on Eugenia (b/w Colleridge and Prospect) on Saturday night. Hope they find a home!

  12. He looks a little like Huey (“too black, too strong”) who went missing in ’98 or ’99, but he’d be elderly now. I know it’s not Huey-spawn because he was neutered back in Virginia. I always hoped Huey had found another Bernal home, but feared he had fallen victim to the Bernal Coyote, or worse, raccoons. Current cat-in-the-lap was born 14.5 years ago in Bernalwood, across the street on the even-numbered side of Peralta.

  13. daquiet says:

    If the owner isn’t found and you can’t find anyone I would be interested in taking her.

  14. Vic Wong says:

    Here’s a picture of the flyer on San Jose Ave:

    Does the cat have a white underbelly?

  15. SAB says:

    The place to report/bring in lost animals is Animal Care and Control, next door to SPCA. Folks who are looking for a lost pet should file a report there and visit daily to see if Fido or Fluffy have been turned in. I’ve brought in lost animals to get their microchips scanned. We’ve then tracked down the owner and reunited people and pet, all while taking care of the animlal ourselves. If you leave the found animal in ACC’s custody and no one claims him/her, they will become available for adoption (and you can be that adopter if you want.) ACC does not put animals to sleep unless they are terribly sick/injured or have severe behavioral problems.* (*The latter is open to interpretation, so please check back with ACC if you surrender a lost dog–particularly pit mixes–and want to intervene to ensure that all is well that ends well.)

  16. Fubar says:

    There’s a lost cat poster from a, for a black cat. You could check with him.

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