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Saturday: A Halloween Party to Support Junipero Serra Elementary School

There’s a Halloween benefit party at Junipero Serra Elementary School on Saturday, and monsters of all ages are invited. Neighbor Kristen says: We’re having a Howling Hill gig this Saturday! It’s going to be fantastic.  We’ve worked with the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Dominates List of Best No-Fuss Places to Eat

To live in Bernal Heights is to know that we take the Art of Living rather seriously here. We appreciate great food and the finer things in life, but we generally prefer it served without additional helpings of fuss or … Continue reading

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Avian Alert: Has Your White Cockatiel Gone Missing?

This morning we received a high-priorty alert at the Bernalwood Office of Avian Repatriation. Neighbor Brian found a white cockatiel in Bernal Heights: We just captured a white cockatiel that was in our yard all day and was clearly someone’s pet … Continue reading

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Aggressively Friendly Parking Note Brings Happiness to Bernalwood Editor

It was Saturday, and I needed booze. Nothing too heavy; just a bottle of gin for cocktail hour and some Lillet to serve before dinner. So I hopped in the Telstar Logistics fake-fleet vehicle, and drove down to the glamorous … Continue reading

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Glamorous Scenes from Fiesta on the Hill 2012

The only thing more joyful than a night spent celebrating the Giants’ epic victory over the St. Louis Cardinals to take the NLCS is a morning spent perusing photos taken during the epic 2012 Fiesta on the Hill last weekend. … Continue reading

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After Giants Win, a Gangnam Style Air Raid Celebration on Cortland

Wooooooo! Wow! The Giants are headed to the World Series. Again. Woooooooooo! I was at Wild Side West on Cortland when the final out clinched the Giants’ victory in Game 7 of the NLCS, and the scene was rather wonderful. Immediately … Continue reading

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Nature Celebrates Baseball Victory with Giants-Themed Sunrise

Neighbors Anita and Chuck were up early this morning, in time to notice that Mother Nature decided to celebrate last night’s spectacular Giants win by giving Bernal Heights a spectacular orange sunrise. We are fortunate to have such good friends … Continue reading

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Eji’s Ethiopian Has Tasty Opening in 331 Cortland Marketplace

There was a small party at 331 Cortland on Friday night to celebrate the glamorous grand opening of the Eji’s Ethiopian kiosk. Amid much rejoicing and poured cups of Ethiopian honey-wine, Miss Eji was on hand to hand out samples … Continue reading

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Happy Couple Enjoys Martian-Style Wedding on Bernal Hill

The wedding took place early on Saturday, and the young couple looked lovely amid a morning fogbank and the Mars-like terrain on Bernal Hill. Yay! Congratulations! PHOTO: @tamararadler 

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Lost Big Rig Uses Bernal Hill as Temporary Truck Stop

Oopsie! A lost semi truck got very very stuck in the upper reaches of Bernal Hill on Saturday night. Neighbor Mark tells the story: A semi with a loooong trailer found itself unable to remove itself from the intersection of … Continue reading

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Off The Beaten Path: Photographs of Bernal Heights in the Harvey Milk Photo Center Exhibit

“Off the Beaten Path” is a new photo exhibit curated by the Harvey Milk Photo Center: San Francisco Recreation and Parks presents Off the Beaten Path, a photography exhibition showcasing the city’s signature parks and hidden gems. Off the Beaten Path is a “collectively … Continue reading

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BYO-Bagism Up in Bernal Heights, Plus: Get a Free Canvas Tote This Weekend

It’s been three weeks since the city instituted its 10-cent minimum charge for compostable, recycled paper, or reusable sacks at the checkout counter, and so far the policy seems to be an easy pill for Bernal Heights to swallow. (No big … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!! It’s Fiesta on the Hill 2012!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… it’s that magical time of year again. That’s right, Fiesta on the Hill 2012 is coming to Cortland this Sunday! Bernal’s very own Main Street USA will be closed to traffic, pedestrians will roam … Continue reading

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