VIdeo: Moon vs. Fog Over Bernal Hill

Earlier this week, Bernalwood contributor Joe Thomas created this rather awesome time-lapse video that captures a dance of moon and fog taking place around Bernal Hill. It’s beautiful.

Joe didn’t add a soundtrack, however, so might we suggest pairing his video with a song? Your audio sommelier has selected “Sandusky” by Uncle Tupelo, and it compliments the visuals rather nicely. Start the song below, then start the video above, and enjoy the ride.

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3 Responses to VIdeo: Moon vs. Fog Over Bernal Hill

  1. Peter Tatiner says:

    Stunning. Thanks very much for these stirring images.

  2. Thanks, Todd, and nice pairing on the music! The soundtrack I was hearing at the time was the KNBR crew calling Game 4 in Detroit. (AM radio fed into a 12-year-old TiVo, which acted as a 20-second delay so it would sync up with Fox TV.)

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