Cat Declines Assistance During Dramatic SFFD Feline Rescue Attempt on Coleridge

The first report about the cat stuck in the tree on Coleridge Street arrived in the Bernalwood newsroom on Monday:

Two days later, the cat was *still* up in the tree, with Neighbor Bahman reporting:

@Bernalwood here’s a pic of the cat stuck in the juniper tree at 147 Coleridge. Anyone have a 30ft ladder?

The dramatic coda came later this morning. Again, Neighbor Bahman reported from the scene:

Fire Department & Animal Control showed up. Once they approached on ladder, cat climbed down & bolted across the street.

Though the rescue attempt ultimately proved unnecessary, it’s still gives you the warm-and-fuzzies to know that the whole “firemen rescuing cats from trees” tradition is alive and well… even in the Big City, and even in 2012.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of @Namhab

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11 Responses to Cat Declines Assistance During Dramatic SFFD Feline Rescue Attempt on Coleridge

  1. Roxie says:

    But where did it go? It must have been really dehydrated and hungry, in need of care.

    • VisionVoid says:

      Or it was just hanging out in the tree for a while and didn’t want people screwing with it. It probably was coming down to eat and drink when people weren’t tweeting its every move. It’s not a hippie protesting forest logging, it’s a cat. They are designed to climb up and down trees. That’s why we have furniture specially designed for them called -wait for it- cat trees.

      • Paul B. says:

        Incorrect. They have specially designed “cat trees” precisely BECAUSE cats are NOT made to climb down real trees. They’re fine to climb up them, just not down. It may be their one evolutionary flaw.

  2. Andee Wright says:

    In all the years that I have been alive I have never seen a cat skeleton in the trees!

  3. Taya says:

    I had to hire a tree service to get my cat down from the top of a tall tree; the fire dept in Berkeley would have nothing to do with rescuing animals. While it is easy for a cat to climb a tree, they usually have a difficult time getting down, as I witnessed the day I watched my cat suffer at a scary height. The tree services did not work on Sunday, so she was up there from Saturday night til Monday morning. The guys who went up were amazing. She has never climbled a tree again!

  4. Erik Newman says:

    The cat clearly did this on purpose.

    • Marshall Mathers says:

      Occupy Bernal Heights?!

      Unless the firemen needed the practice, IMO this was a total waste of public resources. If the cat was that hungry, it would have found a way down eventually.

      • R says:

        They get paid whether they are playing cards at the station or helping cats out of trees or fighting fires…

      • simoom says:

        These are the things that make a community, and makes Bernal feel like a small town. Thank you fabulous firemen and firewomen!

  5. Susan Vasquez says:

    The firemen and women involved are awesome. That they GOT involved is even more awesome. But look at the tree. This is not a bare trunk, no branches for 30 feet, ‘easy to climb up not down’ type tree. This is a tree practically designed for climbing up, down and sideways! Odds are the cat likes the tree and is up and down it often. But still, good on those concerned for it and willing to try to help a fellow earthing… we need more of that!

  6. Erin says:

    My friends have identified him: it’s Bully Cat, a local jerkface.

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