I Did NOT Buy This Fantastically Awful Painting I Found Last Weekend at the Alemany Flea Market

… But I admit, I was very, very tempted.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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11 Responses to I Did NOT Buy This Fantastically Awful Painting I Found Last Weekend at the Alemany Flea Market

  1. not only that, think about how they kept having to get out of the street every time a car went by.

  2. Doug says:

    What is it artist find so tedious about the landscape surrounding the California cable car line? There’s a famous old TWA travel poster that also takes certain liberties as to what blocks should appear in the background there, but this here is an exceptional rearranging of downtown.

  3. km says:

    Aside from the geographical accuracy, this isn’t nearly as bad as some of the flea market painting finds! (http://stupidexcited.tumblr.com/post/25298217477/a-gem-from-the-flea-market-this-morning)

  4. j says:

    how did you not pick that up? how much was the asking price?

  5. JayJay says:

    That painting would look so beautiful as a mural on the library ! I LOL

  6. yeastbeast says:

    This is a priceless work by the unknown 1970’s master painter known as the Heironymus Bosch of San Francisco. That passenger appears to be Anita Bryant. The driver appears to be an owl. The stuff of nightmares.

  7. raymond says:

    Are you nuts?!?!
    clearly a one of a kind San Franciscana piece that will be brought to Antiques Roadshow in fifty years!

    • dkzody says:

      You are so right about it showing up on Antiques Roadshow. I am always amazed at what people cart in to be told it’s worth $10 Billion. I will never have anything valuable because I, like the writer, don’t buy it, or if I have something like this, I throw it away. I would’t have bought this painting, but I kinda like it. It’s really kitschy.

  8. Annette Schubert says:

    I would LOVE this painting!!!!!

  9. Tr√łgdor says:

    I think you meant to type “awfully fantastic”.

    (You’re welcome.)

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