Feline Alert: Lost Cat Missing from Heartfelt

Miss Darcy from Heartfelt on Cortland contacted the Bernalwood Lost Animal Hotline to seek assistance in locating her store’s much-loved cat:

Our store cat has gone missing, and I am heartbroken. Here are some pics. His name is Leo D.

If you find the missing kitty, please contact Bernalwood or Darcy at Heartfelt. Thank you.

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4 Responses to Feline Alert: Lost Cat Missing from Heartfelt

  1. adinparadise says:

    I hope Leo D is soon found and returned. It’s such a worry when pets go missing. The ‘not knowing’, is awful.

  2. My kitty went missing in Bernal a few years ago and I was heartbroken. I left the window open for him, and three days later he sauntered in like it was no big deal. I think there’s a secret kitty casino located somewhere off Cortland. Leo will probably pop up soon, smelling of cheap liquor and sporting a new tattoo. Hang in there.

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  4. Darcy Lee says:

    He came home! Thanks to all the encouraging thoughts and words and thanks to bernalwood for getting this message out!

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