Heavy Rains Create Chert Waterfall on Bernal Hill


The storms that passed through the Dominion of Bernalwood late last week were real soakers. In fact, so much wet stuff fell on us that even after the rains stopped and the sun came out, water continued to flow from the peak of Bernal Hill to the flat(ter) ground below.

That explains why Neighbor Sarah was able to capture this remarkable photograph of a chert waterfall trickling down Bernal Hill on Sunday afternoon. Rather lovely.

Meanwhile, the extreme weather here generated headines all over the country. Upon reading about our rains, my (Sandy-traumatized) ancestors in New Jersey called to make sure were were staying above water, while the weather geeks at The Weather Channel featured a photo from Bernal Heights as one of their Pictures of the Week. So glamorous!


PHOTOS: Top, Sarah Rogers. Below, NAME via The Weather Channel (hat tip, Neighbor Tammy)

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2 Responses to Heavy Rains Create Chert Waterfall on Bernal Hill

  1. friscolex says:

    Pop-up waterfall!

  2. That’s lovely! Pop-up waterfall indeed.

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