Reverential Cat Leads Bernal Heights Hanukkah Celebration


Not to be outdone by those well-behaved Hanukkah dogs from around the corner, Neighbor Melinda reports that her cat, Oliver Twist, led the candle-lighting ceremony recently during the third night of the Jewish festival of lights.

PHOTO: Neighbor Melinda

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4 Responses to Reverential Cat Leads Bernal Heights Hanukkah Celebration

  1. pennysworth says:

    Who couldn’t love this? You’d need a heart of stone, like Haman.

  2. jeannie stone says:

    I’m missing my cat (Dash) that looks just like Oliver Twist! Did he frequent the top of Bernal Hill by any chance (up around Bernal Heights Boulevard)?

  3. Melinda says:

    Thanks @pennysworth! He’s pretty much the cutest in my book, but I am his mother :)

    @Jeannie Stone – Oh no! I’m so sorry your missing your cat! Oliver is strictly an indoor cat since we adopted him as a kitten from the SPCA. He drew us in with those beautiful markings. I hope Dash turns up shortly!

  4. jeannie stone says:

    OK, thanks Melinda – Dash loved the outdoors, even though we gave him so much love, he spent most of his time up on the hill hunting mice. He was a strong independent cat. I’m sure many people remember him prowling Bernal Heights Boulevard. Alas, we havn’t seen him in many months, we miss you Dash!

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