Safeway Chic: An Elevated View of Our Local Supermarket


When shopping at our Taoist Safeway, I always find it comforting to look up through the windows from the checkout line to see Bernal Hill smiling at me from on high.

Now Instagram user @kslatz312 has done me the favor of capturing the view one sees from Bernal Hill when looking down at the Safeway. Do you see me waving back from the Express Checkout? Peekaboo!

Bonus: This view almost (almost!) makes the building look stylish.

PHOTO: @kslatz312

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9 Responses to Safeway Chic: An Elevated View of Our Local Supermarket

  1. Doug Coleridge says:

    Huh, doesn’t actually look so bad from up there. From this angle it’s almost fun to mentally plot the line snaking around the store from the single open checkout lane.

  2. denise debruin says:

    ok; its on mission? that didn’t look like mission to me

  3. Brandon says:

    Calling any checkout there “Express” is a cruel joke.

  4. ian says:

    safeway, “our local supermarket”? ouch! you should know better. And eat better, btw. at the real local stores, the checkout is usually” express”. just saying.

  5. Tenny says:

    It has a certain ’60’s glamour when seen from this angle (as I do most mornings). Arf!

  6. Joe Moitozo, Jr. says:

    I see by this picture that Safeway DID place a main I.D. sign, with its current Yin-Yang logo, on the facade of this supermarket. But, they left the old mosaic signs alone. That’s fine.

  7. friscolex says:

    Actually Mission at Day. :-)

  8. friscolex says:

    …although I guess since Day is virtual there, I’d go with San Jose and Day!

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