Newfangled Electric Bike Hauls Xmas Cheer Up Bernal Hill

In days of yore, Bernal Heights residents brought their Christmas trees home either by recruiting teams of reindeer to haul the trees up Bernal Hill or by strapping the trees to the roofs of their internal-combustion vehicles.

But that was then. Today, we have The New Wheel, our newfangled electric bike shop on Cortland, to introduce a retro-futuristic mode of transport for getting Christmas trees to Bernal Heights.

This video from the New Wheel shows how it’s done — with a seasonal soundtrack, and without even breaking a sweat. Ho Ho ho!

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5 Responses to Newfangled Electric Bike Hauls Xmas Cheer Up Bernal Hill

  1. I adore these folks – got my bike retrofitted there!

  2. Carol Gould says:

    lovely, in all ways! I work until 8PM but will try to stop by the party tonight.

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  4. jack says:

    I love how the passerby’s were all staring at this feat. Pretty cool. These guys are really nice folks. I’ve been going there as much as I can to have my bike serviced. One of these days, I’m going to have a bike electrified as well, and these guys will be my go-to then.

  5. Judge Crater says:

    I believe I am in this video. What does it say that I didn’t even notice a guy towing a Christmas Tree?

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