UPDATED: Suspects in Custody After Brazen Gunpoint Robbery on Bocana and High-Speed Chase on 101


It happened again last night on Bocana at Cortland, just up the street from Chuck’s corner store. Another brazen robbery at gunpoint. This time, Neighbor Jean’s husband –  the same Neighbor Jean who typed up the notes from last Saturday’s ad hoc safety meeting! — was one of the victims:

9pm just 30 mins ago, my husband, and two neighbors were robbed by 2 of them at gunpoint at Chuck’s on the corner of Cortland and Bocana. One neighbor resisted and was pistol whipped, he is ok.. police came almost imediately, they must have robbed another as they took off and now all 3 are going down to the station to ID the A**holes. MAYBE they have all been caught now and this nightmare is over, I just cannot believe my husband was the latest. I hope this is good news..willl post later when I hear what happened at the station. They were 2 black youths, wearing a black hoody and a grey hoody.

Bernalwood has learned that three suspects were arrested in connection with the robbery, and they are being held for identification.

For further information on tonight’s incident, the arrests, and the prognosis for the recent rash of muggings, we will likely have to wait for additional updates from SFPD Captain Falvey at tonight’s 6 pm community safety meeting at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. Attendance, indignation, and probing questions are strongly encouraged.

UPDATE: 1/30/13, 7 am: More details emerging from our neighbor-reporters on how events transpired last night.

After the mugging, the criminals sped away — badly — in their getaway car:

It looks like these goons pulled a hit and run on richland avenue after fleeing chuck’s at cortland and bocana. two parked cars were hit by an out of control speeding car going downhill at richland near murray. one car was bounced off of and the other hit severely and knocked 6 feet forward and three feet onto the sidewalk with tons of rear end damage and a badly bent wheel axle. some neighbors said it looked like a silver/grey toyota ? pulled the hit and run. the car owners want these dbag lowlife clowns brought to justice and put in prison for felony hit and run added to whatever other crimes they committed tonight.

But a high-tech theft was thwarted by high-tech cops. A victim describes how the suspects were caught:

We got lucky and had a Bayview cop who happened to be down at Alemany who responded in a few minutes. He got on his iPad and started tracking my iPhone. The got a hit on it and located the car. After a 90mph chase winding through traffic on the freeway,  the suspects got in a car wreck and were caught by the police. I consider myself very lucky not only to be unhurt,  but to get almost all my stuff back. And the streets of Bernal are a little safer in the process. Thanks to Officer Guzman of Bayview for his quick response and thinking and thanks to the officers of the Ingleside station for their thoroughness and professionalism. And to the two rookie cops that were involved,  welcome to the force!

Neighbor Jean provides some encouraging details about the identification of the perps arrested last night:

2am. just got a call. ALL items stolen from the mugging tonight were retrieved in the perps getaway car that was involved in the crash and high speed chase on 101.  Except my husband’s Italian 101 book. Trying to bring levity here…they were the ones who committed the crime at 9pm this evening.  Apparently tonight was a very busy crime night, so more answers to come tonight at the meeting, but there could be others, but these guys fit the description of the recent brazen muggings by gun point in Bernal.

UPDATE: 1/30/13 4:15 pm

Michael Aldax from the SF Examiner has been covering the Bernal muggings, and he’s working on a story. He kindly shared this information with Bernalwood about the three suspects arrested last night:

The 16-year-old is from San Francisco. Not named because he’s a juvenile.

Thomas Sagaiga, 18, of South San Francisco, (Phillip & Sala Burton High grad) and the driver Jeremiah Leremia, 22, of South San Francisco are the others.

Thank you, Michael! We will link to his story when it becomes available.

PHOTO: Chuck’s corner store at 10 pm on January 29, 2013, shortly after police left the scene. By Telstar Logistics

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89 Responses to UPDATED: Suspects in Custody After Brazen Gunpoint Robbery on Bocana and High-Speed Chase on 101

  1. Jean says:

    12:18am and my husband is still at Ingleside station. I have only heard from him once at that was from the arrest scene. Pray for this losers to be the ones… Bernal has been terrorized ENOUGH!

  2. Challenger says:

    Please keep a sharp eye out for loiterers and ANYONE who just doesn’t seem like they belong. Its important for “guests” in the neighborhood to feel that they are being watched aggressively and will be chatted up by neighborhood watch and the police. Bernal needs to gain the reputation of being overprotective, rather than a soft target.

    • Sam B. says:


    • local yokel says:

      First off and foremost let me say that I could not be more stoked that these guys were caught. Regardless of whether they were responsible for all of the muggings, the police have done a stellar job in stepping up patrols and the community rallying together has been amazing. Its part of the reason I love living here.

      That said, I take issues with statements like watch out for “Anyone who doesn’t belong” and “guests” to the neighborhood. What makes someone a guest or conversely belong to the neighborhood?

      One of the things that makes Bernal great is its diversity and rich culturally history. Statements like this can easily be misconstrued and I hope you can see why this is a dangerous game to play. Keep vigilant against suspicious behavior is one thing, starting to make distinctions about who does and doesn’t belong is a whole other beast.

    • Joe says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with what local yokel said, being protective of the neighborhood is one thing, but exclusivity is not for public spaces, which coincidentally includes the streets of Bernal.

      • misanthropicanthropologist says:

        Wow, who are these “guests” and what constitutes not belonging?! I’m sure there are previous residents of Bernal and other parts of the city who could say the same of you, or any of us. Vigilance is one thing. Euphemisms about outsiders are another thing completely.

    • troy holden says:

      Yikes. Very curious as to how you would ID a “guest” and how you’ll “watch them aggressively”?

      I’m far more concerned about mindsets like this than anyone you feel doesn’t “belong” here. Maybe *you* don’t belong here.

    • Tony Tavares says:

      While I might choose language different from Mr. “Challenger”, I do agree with his sentiment. It may not be PC to say if there are thuggish looking individuals hanging around the neighborhood, lurking behind trees, loitering by the playground, etc, then you should keep an eye on them, but face it folks, there is a profile to the type of individual who commits this kind of crime. Young men, not from the neighborhood, dressed in a uniform favored by thugs and gang members. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck is it a duck? No, not always. But sometimes it is. And believe me, when you are on the receiving end of that gun barrel (which, sad to say I have been on more than 1 occasion in my 20+ years of life in this neighborhood) it will change your perspective on this. We need to keep a look out for each other. To make an analogy, I know that all pit bulls are not bad, but when I’m watching my grandkids in Precita Park, you better be damn sure I ain’t letting them get near any pitbulls.

      • local yokel says:

        Hey Tony. Hope you’re having a great day!

        I understand your want to keep the neighborhood safe (I was born here and have been pistol whipped, mugged, jumped on a few occasions) and I think using caution is well informed, but the generalizations about who commits this type of crime are not.

        A lot of my friends that grew up in the neighborhood and still live here, could easily fall into the category just outlined. They hang around the neighborhood where they have lived their entire lives. They sit on the benches, enjoy the parks and playgrounds and walk down the same tree shrouded streets we all have to. They are fantastic community members. Some work for the city and Muni, others in Tech, construction, some are students, really they do anything most people that visit this blog might do. They also happen to favor dressing in hoodies, Giants and Niners gear, beanies, and basketball shoes. If you didn’t know them you might mistake them for thuggish.

        Its not that I’m saying you shouldn’t practice caution and keep your guard about you. All im saying is that sweeping generalizations like this and promoting that others adopt them is one of the reasons there is a divide between new additions to Bernal Heights and some longtime locals. People are so scared at times they don’t even take the time to get to know their neighbors.

      • Tony Tavares says:

        Hey Local Yokel, I get your point, and yes it is true, there are lots of people in the neighborhood that dress a certain way, act a certain way, and are in no way involved with any criminal activity whatsoever, and some of them are in my own family. In fact, based on what’s been written so far about the collaring of the thieves, they are most likely not from the neighborhood at all. I do know my neighbors, and I’ve been here long enough to know which are the gang houses (much fewer than there used to be in Bernal) and also know that the kids that come up to the Shotwell Stairs from down the hill to smoke weed are not the kids that are gonna stick you in the face and take your phone, even though they may be dressed that way. Is there a divide? Yes, absolutely. Partly because, for example, there is very little of a black middle class in S.F. so people are bound to assume that all young black men are criminals, when that definitely isn’t the case.

        But look at it this way . . . what is the profile of the kids that do the strong arm robberies? Do they fall into any general category? Does it mean that anyone who fits that profile should be suspect – no. BUT does it mean that you should keep your guard up?

        It’s a complex issue. Crime in New York City went down because starting in the Giuliani era he made sure the police got in the face of people breaking the law, and those who fit a certain profile (although the NYPD would never say that in public to this day). But it did work. And where is the line between my civil right of being safe from a thug, and my son’s civil right of not being stopped by the SFPD and questioned because he is hispanic and dresses a certain way and is wearing red on the corner of 24th and Shotwell?

        No easy answers. But worth a good, RESPECTFUL conversation, and I appreciate your point of view.

      • HRM says:

        Very well laid out. People need to worry a little less about PC.

      • lets get real says:

        here here for tony, a man who has not been brainwashed into the polly anna fanatasy that the world is mr rogers neighborhood! when you suspend your power of normal discernment in the name of political correctiness you are not only a good candidate for a successful mugging and pistol whipping, but headed in the direction of a self immolation of some kind or another. here’s to men like tony that would like to see the survivial not only of himself, but of our society!

      • local yokel says:

        @tony Very well put. It is a very complex issue and I actually think that we maybe very much on the same page. Finding that line between misguided stereotyping and understandable precaution is something that can be very difficult. I supposed the best rule of thumb I’ve developed having grown up in this environment is that when you get the feeling that someone or something is awry, regardless of their appearance, its something you should take note of.

        @letsgetreal No one is saying we live in Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. I’ve lived here for 30 years, since I was born and can tell you first hand that this neighborhood has changed drastically over the past 10 years. Its safer, cleaner and the demographic has shifted dramatically. My comment has nothing to do with suspending discernment for political correctness, but instead has everything to do with cautioning against sweeping generalizations against a portion of the community that makes Bernal great.

        Self immolation? Survival of society? Slow down bro. Were just having a conversation.

    • Joe Wiley says:

      It’s not a gated community, maybe you should think about moving to one.

      • R says:

        It’s not racist to call the police if you see two black kids in hoodies standing around if there have been muggings by two black kids in hoodies…whether you live in a gated community or not..

      • lets get real says:

        i’ve got five years on you living here, local yokel, which really matters not at all. do you think length of time living in mr rogers neighborhood affords a special entitlement? certainly you do or you wouldn’t mention it. it’s a patently false presumption. it’s clear and simple to figure out who the bad guys are and to react appropriately. i see all this obfuscating of what’s right and what’s wrong as an underhanded (and maybe unconcious) method to prolong the implied supremacy of the evildoers. as for wiley riley, stick around and let’s see how it goes. i ain’t moving anywhere. dig it?

  3. Sam B. says:

    Dear neighbors who have been victimized, please take the time to contact the police to find out if these may be the men who accosted you. If they are, please take the time to press charges so that others may not have to go through what you have. Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night.

  4. Jean says:

    wow, 2am..just got a call. ALL items stolen from the mugging tonight were retrieved in the perps getaway car that was involved in the crash and high speed chase on 101. Except my husband’s Italian 101 book. Trying to bring levity here…they were the ones who committed the crime at 9pm this evening. Apparently tonight was a very busy crime night, so more answers to come tonight at the meeting, but there could be others, but these guys fit the description of the recent brazen muggings by gun point in Bernal.

  5. Jeff says:

    Jeff here. We got lucky and had a Bayview cop who happened to be down at Alemany who responded in a few minutes. He got on his iPad and started tracking my iPhone. The got a hit on it and located the car. After a 90mph chase winding through traffic on the freeway, the suspects got in a car wreck and were caught by the police. I consider myself very lucky not only to be unhurt, but to get almost all my stuff back. And the streets of Bernal are a little safer in the process. Thanks to Officer Guzman of Bayview for his quick response and thinking and thanks to the officers of the Ingleside station for their thoroughness and professionalism. And to the two rookie cops that were involved, welcome to the force!

  6. Darcy Lee says:

    Wow Jean….what high speed chase on 101? I am out of town.

  7. SER says:

    Jean, I hope your husband is OK! I heard all the sirens and tuned into the police scanner, but only caught bits and pieces of what they were saying. It did sound as if there were multiple robberies city-wide. I hope these are the guys responsible for the other robberies as well. Looking forward to getting more info tonight.

  8. Hooray for Officer Guzman.

  9. Michelle says:

    Thank you to the police, and for Bernalwood for keeping us all apprised of what is happening in the neighborhood. Chuck’s is our go-to for evening ice cream acquisition, and we’ve all been laying low/not walking around the neighborhood in the evening (as in Monday we considered going out to dinner or picking up take-out locally, but ended up heading to the Mission instead!)

    I do want to echo local yokel’s comments. We should be alert for inappropriate behavior, but we do need to remember this neighborhood is a public space, and anyone is *allowed* to be here. They’re just not allowed to hold people up at gunpoint.

  10. Darcy Lee says:

    Kudos to Officer Guzman and thanks for the update. See you this evening.

  11. Jean says:

    Thanks all, my husband is fine…just a long night. He is really invested in this now by no choice and the overall takeaway in his mind was complete relief that they got the losers…I imagine we will hear more this evening about how there are unfortunately more out there…so keep your safety systems in place!! Common sense folks!

  12. Matt says:

    Wow, sorry Jeff and Jean, but yay! Kudos to officer Guzman and everyone involved. See you tonight.

  13. Bernal Dweller says:

    Major props to SFPD! These officers put themselves in harm’s way, and it appears they caught at least some of the perpetrators behind a string of violent crime.

    Kudo to Bernalwood for reporting all of this in such a timely and factual manner.

    Lastly, I couldn’t agree more with Local Yokal. Yes, the last few weeks have been very stressful, but becoming suspicious of “ANYONE who just doesn’t seem like they belong” introduces a whole new set of problems.

  14. Mark Taylor says:

    Thanks goodness.

  15. nsfw says:

    In how many minutes will the SF DA let these goons back on the street? They were probably back out before anyone woke up this AM.

    • Sam B. says:

      Hopefully that is not true and Jeff can let us know the status tonight. These guys committed a LOT of crimes, some quite serious, and against the SFPD as well (resisting arrest, etc).

    • local yokel says:

      I have a feeling the bond will be fairly high for these gentleman. If other victims are able to identify them and the police can stack charges there is a good chance they won’t be able to bond out. Just from last night along I can count 3-5 felonies. Start adding other cases on and they could go down for a while.

      – Felony Assault (pistol whipping, use of gun)
      – Felony Battery (depending on extent of injuries sustained)
      – Felony Hit and Run
      – Felony Armed Robbery (Class two felony)
      – Felony Evasion
      – Possession of stolen property
      – Resisting arrest (possible assault on a police officer)

      Obviously, I’m just making some educated guesses, but with any luck these guys are going to be stuck behind bars for the foreseeable future.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Does it ever bother you being so wrong about everything?

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  17. Jean says:

    No more posts from me..too stressful. BUT..let’s leave on this high note. I LOVE the fact that the main item they go after – iPhone, was ultimately their downfall last night. My husband’s internal phone tracking and the impeccable timing of Officer Guzman and his having an iPad (not standard issue..but his own!) Take that you LOSERS!

  18. Jeff says:

    Jeff here again. I can’t imagine these guys getting off. They have three victims and two additional witnesses and were caught with all of our stuff in their car and pockets. Pretty airtight case. I’ll be at the meeting tonight if anyone has any other questions.

    On the controversial topic of profiling, I’ll mention what a couple of the officers said to me. I saw the perps approaching us and immediately thought of the robberies in the neighborhood. Then, internally, I felt a little guilty profiling two black guys in hoodies as up to no good. Well, the cops told me that if any situation makes you uncomfortable and makes the hair on the back of your neck kinda stand up on end, then forget about being PC and trust your instincts. So don’t assume every stranger in the neighborhood is up to no good, but trust your instincts and err on the side of caution. I know I will in the future.

    And since we’re handing out kudos, I’ll personally mention Officer Tam of Ingleside who took control of the scene early on with efficiency and professionalism and Sargeant Maron (also of Ingleside), who I rode with to ID the suspects. He explained the long and arduous (but necessary) process we had to go through to make sure these guys don’t get off on a technicality and treated me with kindness and respect through the whole ordeal. BTW, Officer Guzman used his personal iPad that he bought with his own money (no budget to distribute these) to track down the suspects. So a big thank you to technology for helping out.

  19. Jean, I cant believe that your family was the victim i heard about last night! That is so crazy! Glad you were at the meeting & taking such good notes. I am wondering if you (in the back of your mind) think that these are ALL of the perps? I worry that they may have a rotation of dudes that go out and pull this stuff together. I would assume that the pistol whipped your neighbor last night was probably the same that pistol whipped the victim on Bennington last thursday. I worry though that they (like cancer) caught a good chunck but left a few also. I suppose that time will have to tell. I cant wait to hear what the popo say at the meeting tonight. See you and everyone else there (i guess now not with whistles on! … bad joke….). ;)

  20. bwood lurker says:

    We don’t even have iPhones but I am down to pay into a fund to purchase 3-4 iPads that the patrolling officers can check out from the station when on duty. It would be worth it just to have my wife feel any more comfortable leaving the house after dark.

    Would gladly give some private funds to the police for peace of mind and the good of all our neighbors rather than the same amount to a street thug who has zero concern about harming us physically & mentally.

  21. Jeff says:

    One other note: if you have an iPhone or iPad and don’t have Find My iPhone installed, DO IT NOW!!!! Alot of perps are smart enough to turn off the iPhones right after they steal them, so I can tell you the police were STOKED when mine brought up a hit. Brilliant (and free) app.

  22. kristine says:

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share the Bayview District report that covers this issue.
    We are the third story: http://www.bayviewpolicestation.org/apps/blog/january-30-2013-update

    So relieved that this is behind us, though there is always more ahead.
    See y’all in the neighborhood!

    • Thanks for sharing that link, kristine. This crew apparently pulled three armed robberies within a couple of hours last night. The report is a very satisfying read, especially the ending: “The two adult suspects were booked on multiple counts of robbery, conspiracy, aggravated assault, possession of stolen property as well as other charges at County Jail. The 16 year old juvenile suspect was booked on similar charges at the Juvenile Justice Center. (SFPD Case No. 130083162, 130083015, 130083300)”

  23. By the way… Why the heck is Scott Weiner going to be at the meeting tonight? I would feel a lot better if he just did not even know that we were here or he may get a big land deal worked out to make hi-rises replace the houses around the hill.

    We are far from North Beach! Dont tell me these guys were robbing all the way up in NORTH BEACH??

    I bet he brings press too. If not he is just going tonight to be a douche’ fake smiling slimy politician trying to win over some votes for when he wants to become mayor. Mark my words… He is politician-ing for a larger role. AMBITIOUS is this politician and that usually doesnt work out so well for the people.

    • Smokey says:

      What does North Beach have to do with anything? Weiner is the Supe for Glen Park.

      • Thomaas says:

        … and i’ve heard nothing but good things re his responsiveness and effectiveness from our College Hill neighbors on the other side of Mission (his constituents).

    • SER says:

      Supervisor Wiener represents our Bernal neighbors in the Bernal Cut area, and the accounts I’ve heard have indicated he has been VERY responsive about safety issues.

      • That is very cool. However the motivations as to why he cares so much about sf safety has way WAY less to do with helping out our neighborhood so we can be a neighborhood, but because of public image of the city in general. Crime is like the major (possibly) only thing that could put a crink in luring both visitors and future employers. He is using SF as a stepping stone to bigger gigs. I am sure of it. He may be helping to keep our city safe but that only is to create a place for his high income residents to come in and displace the old schoolers. He cares NOTHING about the actual fabric of a neighborhood or he would not be gentrifying and pushing out all of the working class to allow for his elitist population to take over.

    • lets get real says:

      the animus i smell re. mr weiner has the stinky odor of anti-semitism

  24. Ee says:

    Here’s the reply to my first information request from the cops. Ill keep trying every few days for more info.

    As per Cal. Govt Code 6254(f)(1) we can give you certain information. A this hour of the day, it happens that the officers that made the arrest are still here doing the paperwork! The inspector in charge of the case is not releasing any information as of yet. Since the report is still not ready, I cannot give you any factual information thus it would be inaccurate.
    I can tell you that the suspect in SF City Prison Located at 7th and Bryant. The suspect has been charged with numerous felonies from armed robbery to reckless endangerment and evading. That being said, The inspector in charge still has to re-book and file with the District Attorney, then wait to see if they are going on the charges. This is all the information that is available at this time.

  25. Gou says:

    I’m confused. Scott doesn’t represent North Beach. He’s district 8, right next door.

  26. Todd_Lappin says:

    Michael Aldax from the SF Examiner has been covering the Bernal muggings, and he’s working on a story. He shared this information with us about the suspects arrested last night:

    The 16-year-old is from San Francisco. Not named because he’s a juvenile.

    Thomas Sagaiga, 18, of South San Francisco, (Phillip & Sala Burton High grad) and the driver Jeremiah Leremia, 22, of South San Francisco are the others.

    Thank you, Michael!

  27. Victor says:

    At least 10 e robberies on Sunday, 14 e robberies on Monday night, 7 e robberies on Tuesday night. Seems a little out of control. Does SFPD have any plan to slow the robberies, or are they going to continue to characterize them as “petty thefts” so the public doesn’t know how unsafe it is? (like a person stealing a pack of Life Savers from Walgreens).

    • R says:

      Based on what the captain said at the meeting, we’re all on our own.

      • Caroline P. says:

        I had to miss the meeting. Dying to hear how it went. How many people showed up? General tenor of discussion? Any more details on the arrests? Reports, anyone?

      • R says:

        Loads of people. Standing room only and then some.

        IMO, maybe 5 minutes of the hour plus meeting was about the recent muggings. Lots of talk about not showing anyone you have a phone, lots of supervisors talking about educational initiatives and Newtown amd federal gun control.

        No talk about preventing future muggings, equipping police with technology to track phones, stopping the very active and open fence market on Market (where they found the guys last night).

        Count me very disappointed.

      • Laura says:

        I agree with R’s overall sentiments about the meeting. I left not feeling any safer and was very disappointed that we didn’t actually focus on the issues at hand. I was hoping for more of an open forum where we could all ask our questions and have them answered, not the sorting and selection process of the questions that happened.

  28. Hunter says:

    Sheesh. Poor baby Mel. Someone call social services.

  29. Joyce says:

    Here’s the link to the Examiner article


    Based on this article, the 2nd perp’s name was mis-spelled in a previous post. It is Jeremiah Ieremia (with an “I”, not an “L”). Looked him up on Facebook. There’s only one….if it’s him, he has a quote mentioning God.

  30. ahw1 says:

    So it appears that neither of the adults arrested are African-American. Maybe the juvenile was, but still, many victims were reporting that there were at least two African-American assailants. Could be that these three are part of a larger network (as some have suggested), or that there are other unrelated groups also committing similar crimes right now, or that people were making assumptions about their ethnic backgrounds because of their style of clothing, low lighting,etc. In any event, it’s a reminder about some of the inherent flaws of racial profiling, whether explicit or implicit.

  31. Olivia Kuser says:

    It is unbelievable to me that these suspects have photos of themselves with GUNS on Facebook.

    • Jean says:

      lets not forget all the marijuana in all the photos too. That appears to be the aim, mug for cash, buy drugs, re sell drugs make a profit. Then hopefully get caught cause you couldn’t turn off the wifi fast enough on the iPhone you stole!

  32. Challenger says:

    Sorry to make likely yokel flip out over racial profiling… That was definitely not the intention and I’m not trying to troll.

    You all know exactly what is meant by guests of the neighborhood and not belonging – and race has nothing much to do with it. Be aware of loiterers, people creeping around unknown to you and your neighbors. Politely ask unknowns if they live in the area. Bother people hanging around your neighbor’s gate. Call police about even small disturbances. Get to know your neighbors and keep the community network alive.

    When I am in another neighborhood even in SF, I absolutely know I am a guest and that insiders have every right to be interested in my activity there and alarmed if I’m doing something significantly our of the ordinary.

    The diversity of this neighborhood makes it great, but that doesn’t extend to uncivil or creepy behavior.

  33. Challenger says:

    Fantastic response by SFPD and quick-thinking victims!

    Wow. I am truly sorry for these poor fools as well as the others in their group who haven’t yet been caught. Too far down the road of many poor decisions, probably badly raised, and their lives are basically lost causes. It’s truly sad they saw any incentives to act this way. Their families should feel a deep shame on their behalf – of a sort that that these young men were never able to develop. I wonder if the juvenile robber will be able to do anything valuable in his life, or if he is finished too.

    • Browner than white ... says:

      Thanks for your last two comments, Challenger. As someone who seems to appear “Other” to a whole lot of good folks in BH and elsewhere, I didn’t read your first remarks with appreciation for what you actually intended to communicate. Some of your advice is solid — other (“politely ask unknowns if they live in the area”) I think unwise. You’ve processed a lot for events that happened so recently and your thoughts about the perpetrators are humane — but ring true. What you said about their families feeling a deep shame (should) of a kind the young men did not develop is right on. Like others here, I scrolled through the Facebook pages of the perps to read mentions of aunties (and church!) and see photos of a baby mixed in with the guns, booze, and gang hand signs. Maybe there’s hope for the juvenile … I dunno.

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  36. George Manuelian says:

    Hey, how can anyone have a gun in San Francisco? I thought they were illegal there, right?

    • lets get real says:

      i have been in the time-out corner with my dunce cap on long enough and have emerged and will stay emerged till I see fit. or get thrown officially off this blog for expressing myself as I am supposed to be allowed to do in this country.
      but to the point. i have to hand it to you george. you are wearing your thinking sombero and it’s only 7:30am today. yes george, I agree with you (i hope you aren’t serious). if legally ownednguns are ‘banned’, all the registered guns that homeowners here in sf keep to protect themselves from home invasions, murder by intruder, etc., would be taken away. (do a search for some of these atrocities from over the years as well as current.) then our little and big ‘friends’ will have the guns and knowing we have none, will feel rightfully emboldened to walk right in and have their way with us. and it’s been done to unprotected people right here in the area in ways to gruesome to think about much less than describe. how about being tied to your chair an having one of your family skinned alive as you are forced to watch?
      all our kids are grown and out of the casa, so securing the guns from child access is not our greatest concern. our weapons are locked up, safe from thieves, visitors, and visitors children, and easily accessible to us, if needed for self protection. whooo guns bad bad bad! scary, scary and evil! people who grow up around them responsibly, go to the range regularly, and get the right training, don’t have that phobia, nor do we lose sleep whenever we hear a strange sound in the house at night. i know, i know, i know, all about shooting some under- (or above) age burglar and all that horse—t, so save it for some pretentious, know it all, phony, pious, better than the average bear “do-gooder” marching around trying to sound ‘concerned’. ALIVE and well in ‘your’ neighborhood, dig it? bring it on, i ain’t responding…

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Unfortunately a lot of the rest of the country has much weaker gun laws, which means that people are able to obtain guns illegally in the less civilized areas and then bring them to SF and other areas with more sensible laws. Yet more proof that we need stronger federal gun control laws.

      • lets get real says:

        herr doktor veggie, ever hear of ‘fast and furious’, a program run out of the current justice department? the federal gov sold a ton of automatic weapons to drug dealers and then lost track of all of them them. look it up and tell me what was that all about?
        also, you may not be aware, but there are stringent federal, state, and local illicit drug laws in most of the highly civilized areas to which you are so fond of. seems like these sensible strong control laws are very weak, wouldn’t you agree? don’t you think guns would be a hot item for gangsters, like the illicit drugs that dealers move around now? who do you think would have the guns?
        read up on prohibition of alcohol in the early years of the 20th century. see how the stonger control laws work out in reality. you really need to eat some red meat and come down back to earth. hitler was also vegetarian and confiscated all the weapons from the civilians, first thing. earth to deth vegetable….

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