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Jedi Warrior Defends Bernal from Dark Side of The Force

Bernal Heights plays host to innovative technology, tasteful wildlife, and superior purveyors of fine pickles. But did you know that Bernal Heights is also a critical front in the epic struggle to liberate this star system from the tyranny of … Continue reading

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Paulie’s Pickling Prevails in Picky Pickle Smackdown

By day, I work in an office where I sit across from a gentleman named Boris. Boris was born in Russia, and though he emigrated to the US as a teenager, he retains his Eastern European palate. I was born … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Crime Report for February 2013: Robberies Back Down, Car Break-Ins Back Up, and Keep Your iGadgets Hidden

Neighbor Sarah attended the SFPD Ingleside Community meeting last week, and she filed these terrific summary notes on Bernal Heights crime trends. Read on: CRIME STATISTICS & TRENDS At the beginning of January, there were not very many robberies – … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Vandals Wreck Beloved Slide at Bernal Library Playground

Visitors to the playground behind the Bernal Heights Library this past weekend were greeted by yellow caution tape wrapped around one of the park’s main play structures. An ulcer-like hole now mars two upper sections of the park’s beloved tunnel … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photo of Bernal Hill Includes Cryptic Comment About Gradients

Jono Lee, a visitor to Bernal Hil and the Dominion of Bernalwood, posted this stunner on the Instagram over the weekend. He says: The world is just one giant gradient. We heartily agree (even if we’re not quite sure what … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbor Involved in Kinky Castro District Car Accident

Our friends over at SFist are running with a story about a strange fender-bender that happened today in the Castro District, resulting in the photo you see above. A Mini Cooper hit a Prius, and somehow the Mini ended up … Continue reading

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Bernal Butterfly Appreciates Quality of Local Scenery

Thanks to Neighbor Ken for taking this snap of a fashionable butterfly taking in the spectacular downtown view from atop Bernal Hill. Just like the humans in Bernal Heights, this is clearly a butterfly with exceptional discrimination and good taste.

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