Star Sighting: Bernal Celebrity Chefs Spotted at Local Safeway


Celebrity Chefs in Bernal Heights: They’re just like us!

Last night at our fashionable Taoist Safeway, Bernalwood had an up-close encounter with Bernal Neighbors Pam and Richard, the dynamic culinary duo behind CatHead’s BBQ on Folsom in SOMA.

Still trying to shake-off the after effects of CatHead’s recent one year anniversary party, Chefs Pam and Richard were seen in the beverage aisle, right near the store’s sold-out display of Safeway-branded seltzer water in those handy 12 oz cans:


It was a fascinating encounter, because:

a) Bernalwood learned that even glamorous celebrity chefs shop at Safeway sometimes, and

b) Chefs Pam and Richard confessed to being among those in Bernal Heights who hoard 12-packs of Refreshe canned fizzy water. (Fact: Neighbor Chuck, rebel leader Burrito Justice, and your Bernalwood editor are also confirmed Refreshe seltzer water 12-pack hoarders; which may help explain why our Taoist Safeway can’t ever seem to keep them in stock.)

See… Just like us!

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6 Responses to Star Sighting: Bernal Celebrity Chefs Spotted at Local Safeway

  1. Bernalese, man says:


  2. Miller Memorial Grove says:

    Two words:

    Soda Stream.

  3. Neil says:

    It’s disappointing to hear these fine people are drinking aspartame, a known neurotoxin.

  4. withak30 says:


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