Bernal Hill at Night Is an Island in a Sea of San Francisco

Bernal Hill by Night



Last night was one of those nights — clear and warm with no wind — that proved perfect for a quick jaunt to the top of Bernal Hill for a little nighttime photography.

Those kinds of nights are magical, with Bernal Hill cloaked in darkness while all the bright lights of the City shimmer and flow in every direction as far as the eye can see.  It feels like being alone on an a tropical island in the middle of an illuminated sea, and the experience is even more magical when the weather cooperates to make the illusion complete.

So last night was one of those nights, and these are a few of the photos I took while enjoying a perfect evening adrift on our faux-tropical urban island.

Bernal Hill by Night

Bernal Hill by Night

Bernal Hill by Night

Spaghetti Bowl

Bernal Hill by Night

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

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12 Responses to Bernal Hill at Night Is an Island in a Sea of San Francisco

  1. Malcolm Gaines says:

    yeah really

  2. I just went through your photos and clicked: Fave. Fave. Fave.

  3. These are really spectacular – thanks for trekking and sharing.

  4. ANITA says:

    Thanks so much for taking and posting these breathtaking shots of our hill.

  5. Ruth says:

    Beautiful, thanks for these!

  6. SER says:

    Idea: sell prints, with all profits going to charity (or waffles from 331 Cortland).

  7. webmaster says:

    Magnificent! Those are fabulous, and really reflect the experience of the city lights.

  8. sundevilpeg says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shots. As magical as a Giants walk-off weekend! :-)

  9. Diva D'Alessandro says:

    I just looked at your photos and I saved everyone of them.

  10. Trinky says:

    1968 we’d walk to the Bernal hill top – the San Francisco of then was visually calming – a sea sprinkled with sparkles of life in the dark of night – now it could be Vegas, it could be Los Angeles, it could be Denver……Bernal Heights remains precious and treasured for it’s simplicity

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