Enterprising Bernal Kid Sells Adorable Plush Meats at Avedano’s


Junior Neighbor Takouhi is a nine year-old from Winfield Street who has mad skillz with a sewing machine. Her dad tells Bernalwood that Junior Neighbor Takouhi is now selling some of her carnivore-themed pieces at Avedano’s on Cortland:

Our daughter Takouhi has been sewing for close to 3 years, and she has some cool news about her latest creations. Takouhi likes to make her own “stuffies” as well as clothes for herself, and now she’s started a little business called Stuffy-A-Fluffy (“Cuteness You Can Squeeze”) to sell her work. Takouhi’s stuffed T-bone steaks are now available for sale at Avedano’s. She’s making two types: A little keychain T-bone and a larger “just a stuffy T-bone.” Her words.

Here’s the merchandise:


Bernalwood has been assured that Takouhi’s work is grass-fed, free-range, and hopefully hormone-free for at least a few more years.

PHOTOS: Stuffy-A-Fluffy

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7 Responses to Enterprising Bernal Kid Sells Adorable Plush Meats at Avedano’s

  1. That’s my talented granddaughter. My mother and I used to sew clothes for many years, but were never famous, not even for 15 minutes of fame!

  2. Please make me a t-bone and don’t forget the veggies!

  3. Gustavo Lopez says:

    That is adorable!

  4. R. Sifuentes says:

    Very talented young lady! And enterprising, too!

  5. kelly says:

    Love her!

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  7. Suhl says:

    Fantastic T-bone steaks! I’m going to march right over and buy some!

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