Photos of Cortland Avenue from A to Z


In the realm of unsolicited creative awesomeness, your Bernalwood editor was thrilled to find this little gift waiting for me in the Bernalwood Pool on Flickr.

Flickr user bmeabroad has compiled a very sweet collection of 26 photos called “Cortland from A – Z.”

It’s terrific. And it teaches us that…

“J is for Jasmine”…

J is for Jasmine

“K is for King”…

K is for King

“N is for No Parking” (of course)…

N is for No Parking

“U is for Under Construction”…

U is for Under Construction

“W is for Waffle”…

W is for Waffle

… you get the idea.

Its wonderful. It’s cute. It wants to be a children’s book. Enjoy!

ALL PHOTOS: bmeabroad on Flickr 

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9 Responses to Photos of Cortland Avenue from A to Z

  1. Carlos Alcala says:

    Love it.

  2. Darcy Lee says:

    beauty full ness
    sure peeked my curiosity re: “U”

  3. Tony Holiday says:

    Excellent! Love it!

  4. Toby Klayman says:

    Thanks for loving our neighborhood!

  5. Toby Klayman says:

    B is for brisket aka at paulies

  6. Lynne says:

    Great! Love it.

  7. bmeabroad says:

    Thanks everyone, the possibilities are endless

  8. kbzuercher says:

    So many things I’ve never noticed! I’ll have to look more closely now. Both clever and beautiful — and agree it could be a little book.

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