Is This the Bernal Heights of Tokyo?



Nate Hill is traveling in Japan, where he says he has stumbled upon a Bernal-like neighborhood just south of Tokyo, near the Kikuna train station:


I’m a confessed Tokyophile, but I don’t have any insight as to what’s the most Bernal-like part of greater Tokyo. So if anyone dissents from the above, or has a better proposal for the “Bernal Heights of Tokyo,” please chime in.

Regardless, my expectation is that the Bernal Heights of Tokyo will have inferior hilltops but superior ramen.

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3 Responses to Is This the Bernal Heights of Tokyo?

  1. queenie says:

    eh? Suguoy! Chotto Bernaru Haitsu mitai yo!

  2. hill-dweller says:

    Nah, there’s no place like Bernal

    Though I once lived in a small neighborhood on the border of Tokyo called Tamami:

    I had a 15 minute walk from the train station, and up the hill to my apartment. From there it was a short walk to a hill with trees and bamboo where I would regularly go for walks.

    Now, I have a 15 minute walk from the Bart Station, and up the hill to my apartment. From here it’s a short walk to a hill with trees and dogs where I regularly go for walks.

    But, in Tamami, I lived right near an amusement part (Yomiuri Land) where they used to have concerts. On one of my walks, I found a way to sneak in… to the 4th row… to see Miles Davis, Sun Ra, and others at a jazz festival.

    I guess we do have piano concerts on the hill in Bernal ;-)

  3. daydreamer says:

    I spent a few of my formative years in a quaint Bernal Heights-esque neighborhood in a town called Ashiya, located right outside of Osaka, our sister city in Japan. Within minutes of the Hankyu Ashiyagawa train station, one can walk up to neighborhoods built on steep hillsides located at the base of Mount Rokko. There are small business districts, just like Bernal, that are not too far from sweeping views of Osaka Bay and quiet escapes from the urban bustle.

    One major difference is that there are wild boar running around the hills of Ashiya, which is terrifying to encounter, especially when you’re a 7-year-old girl walking to school! Fortunately here in Bernal, though we apparently have the occasional stray marmot hitching rides from the high country, the only wild boar that one might encounter is on a restaurant menu. :)

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