Neighbor Captures Photo of Smash-and-Grab Thief on Cortland


A breaking story from Bernalwood Action News…

Neighbor Brett just sent along these photos of a thief on Cortland, photographed at about 9am this morning. Brett writes:

If you see this guy call the cops. He just smashed a cab window grabbed a backpack and ran down Cortland.

Here are closeups:



If you see this suspect around the neighborhood, please notify the SFPD.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Brett

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6 Responses to Neighbor Captures Photo of Smash-and-Grab Thief on Cortland

  1. HRM says:

    this begs a citizens arrest

  2. debcglazer says:

    I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 1 1/2 and read the blog religiously. Thank you for all the stories – the good, bad & hilarious (loved the unicorn!).

    Really appreciate your efforts. It’s something that makes Bernal so special.

  3. Laurel says:

    FYI This is Neighbor Brett’s SECOND crime-fighting act in as many months. Back in July he noticed that an employee of a Cortland buisness had inadvertently left the front door unlocked after closing. He utilized his internet ninja skills to locate the owner’s cell number and bravely guarded the door until someone could come lock up.

    I think we should give him a sash and make him Bernal Hall Monitor!

  4. Noemonkey says:

    Excellent work. Hope they catch the thug.

  5. JBF says:

    My car was broken into this morning – just sent a full description to Bernalwood.

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