Eldest Son Continues Yom Kippur Tradition Atop Bernal Hill


Last weekend was the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, and in Neighbor Kelly’s family,  tradition dictates that Yom Kippur should end with the blowing of a shofar (ram’s horn) from atop Bernal Hill.

This year, Neighbor Kelly’s oldest son Charlie made his shofar debut, and he did so in grand style:


Mazel tov!

PHOTOS: Neighbor Kelly

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14 Responses to Eldest Son Continues Yom Kippur Tradition Atop Bernal Hill

  1. BH Lovr says:

    Heart rendering- thank you.

  2. Mary Etta Moose says:

    If that little kid could make sound come out of that horn, he has a future in sound production.
    Tuba, I’m thinking.

  3. shrinkrap305 says:

    Mazel Tov, indeed! and a happy new year to all!

  4. That top image is utterly EPIC.

  5. doug says:

    Is it wrong that I’ve got the sax riff from Baker Street stuck in my head now?

  6. Judge Crater says:

    Heard him from out house.

  7. teri says:


  8. chanita says:

    l’shannah ha bah b’ bernal heights!!

  9. Janet Gallin says:

    Gorgeous. I want to be on Bernal Hill next year. A good sweet year to all Bernal.

  10. Ben Rosengart says:

    Happy new year to all neighbors and friends.

  11. kbzuercher says:

    Love it! Go Charlie! And happy new year to all the Bernal MOTs.

  12. Lessley says:

    This was the best thing I saw all day. Way to go neighbor Charlie!

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