That Big Yellow Bus Will Be Haunted Today


The big yellow bus that has recently been the focus of much parking-related controversy will today be transformed  into a mobile haunted house. You can’t miss it: Just look for the bus that’s big and yellow and haunted and parked near Precita Park.

Neighbor Alex explains:

Gillibus will be parked on Precita Park veiled and surrounded in the gory — I mean glory — of Halloween.

Stop by for candy, beer, cider, games (pinatas, cornhole, and for dogs, the 1st annual Grave Pissing Competition), and good neighborly conversation about the Devil.

All are welcome: kids, parents, and those too old or unfit to be either. At 8pm we depart for The Chapel

If you’d like to join in for a ghoulish ride to The Chapel, RSVP here.

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4 Responses to That Big Yellow Bus Will Be Haunted Today

  1. Donna says:

    Surprised everyone is so quiet…I was expecting a firestorm of comments. I hope to meet Alex tonight!

  2. Lupe says:


  3. Neil says:

    What, one may ask, is cornhole?

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