Elusive Bikini Jogger Sighting Provides Important Reassurance During Uncertain Times


Stars collide, galaxies collapse, websites fall over, and the macroeconomic forces of global capitalism grind inexorably onward. Yet all is well in Bernal Heights, because there’s been a sighting of the legendary Bikini Jogger.

A Bernal neighbor shared this snap of the Bikini Jogger on the move yesterday near the Folsom gate on Bernal Hill. With it, we can all rest assured that at least our corner of the universe remains enlivened and perplexed.

Previous Bikini Jogger coverage on Bernalwood

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19 Responses to Elusive Bikini Jogger Sighting Provides Important Reassurance During Uncertain Times

  1. Paul says:

    This series is creepy.

  2. Ani says:

    Is there also a blonde bikini jogger? Also, does she know she’s on a Blog? Just wondering.

  3. Steve Sisler says:

    This is a nice break from the past few days

  4. Judge Crater says:

    Thank God!

  5. rebecca says:

    I love bikini jogger sightings!

  6. Corvidae says:

    I was walking to early morning yoga a few weeks ago when she trotted *right past me*. I was so excited I didn’t even think to grab my phone.

  7. Noemonkey says:

    I’d much rather see a speedo clad boy jogging.

    • Brandon says:

      That’s been done…

      It’s nice to see that the Bikini Jogger has branched out from the solids to include some pattern.

  8. YES. LOVE THE BIKINI JOGGER!!! My costume for next year’s Bernalwood Halloween Party. #yougogirl

  9. 3KsOnParkStreet says:

    Love the Bikini jogger! If I had the body I’d be joining :)

  10. Queerasf**k says:

    Does anyone know who she actually is? She’s fabulous!

  11. Bernalese, man says:

    She’s a au pair who lives near St. Mary’s and values her privacy.

  12. JP says:

    ya run around in your bikini for 2 years, you can’t really expect privacy!

    • Bernalese, man says:

      This is San Francisco. Running around in a bikini isn’t really that unusual for this city. What is unusual is the sexist attention paid to the young lady by people who would probably get their panties in a bunch if anyone complained about a stinky homeless person sleeping in a doorway.

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