Wednesday: Community Meeting to Review Home Construction Plans Below Bernal Hill


Neighbor Alicia is spreading the word about a community meeting that will happen tomorrow, Wesdnesday December 11 at 7 pm at the Precita Neighborhood Center, to review a proposal to build two single-family homes on a patch of undeveloped land on Folsom near Chapman, on the south side of the hill just below Bernal Heights Blvd.

Here’s the meeting announcement:


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16 Responses to Wednesday: Community Meeting to Review Home Construction Plans Below Bernal Hill

  1. SER says:

    I thought there was a big PG&E line or something underneath that patch (and that that was the reason why it hadn’t been developed yet). Anyone know the scoop?

  2. Brandon says:

    According to trusted source Bernalwood, you are absolutely correct about the location of the pipeline:

  3. Noemonkey says:

    More nimbys who can’t deal with change. They’ve got their houses near the hill, but no one shall be allowed to build. Such bullshit.

  4. Bernalese, man says:

    Throw those puppies up, and make them the Playboy Playmate Bunny houses.

  5. Sam Bowman says:

    If anyone here makes it, I’m quite curious what these boards actually do in practice. I’m worried it’s particularly NIMBYish, but the city mandates both these meeting and a pretty strict set of size and aesthetic guidelines for Bernal Heights, so I imagine that nothing too substantial is likely to happen.


  6. Wendy says:

    The proposed houses are actually located on the west side of the Folsom Street right of way – about where the word “site” is written on the aerial photo – not where the arrow is pointing.

  7. David Kaye says:

    I have/had several computer tech support customers in the Crestmoor neighborhood, three who lost their homes. That explosion was from a mere THREE-INCH pipeline. Goodness knows what could happen in Bernal Heights. Obviously that land was not built upon for a reason.

  8. jack says:

    Is there any update on this? Thanks.

  9. Art says:

    Yesterday, I chatted with the neighbor in the last house on the west side of Folsom, who is organizing opposition to the houses. She is setting up an email loop to keep people informed.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get her contact info. Nothing was decided at the meeting, and I believe a second meeting is going to be scheduled by the Design Review Board.

    I suspect the gas pipeline doesn’t have anything to do with why the lots above Chapman have not been developed to date. After all, there has been lots of development along the pipeline route over the years. The bigger problem is that anyone who wants to build there is going to have to put in a paved street, presumably at their own expense. Economically, that probably made the lots unbuildable until the recent runup in home prices.

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