Yarn-Bombers Stage Daring Infiltration at Precita Playground



Happy New Year!

We begin 2014 with news of a surprise direct-action by members of the knitting underground on two trees located at the eastern end of Precita Park, inside the beloved children’s playground.

Analysts from the FBI and Knitting World magazine have examined the guerilla stitch-work, and determined it to be of exceptionally high quality. No one knows who was responsible for this daring infiltration, but we can say this: They were pros.

Meanwhile, Neighbor Noah reports that denizens of the playground have responded to the yarning with squeals of glee and occasional tree hugs:


PHOTOS: Top, Linda Burbank; Middle, Karen Zuercher; Below, Noah Lang

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17 Responses to Yarn-Bombers Stage Daring Infiltration at Precita Playground

  1. Mary Etta Moose says:

    Dear Yarn Bombers, Please come bomb in North Beach — we have lots of cold and naked trees

  2. Lynne says:

    Good Job, Yarn Bombers!! You rock.

  3. Steve Sisler says:

    Looks warm and cozy

  4. GreenGirl says:

    Yay, yarn bombers!!

  5. doug says:


  6. What beautiful work! Cables, moss stitch, ribbing. This was clearly a labor of love and artistry.

  7. Noemonkey says:

    Stupidest thing ever. They’re trees. leave em alone.

  8. shrinkrap305 says:

    Beautiful and imaginative!

  9. Kathy Sabatino says:

    Nice job! Do you ever need knitting helpers?

  10. SDK says:

    Yarn bombing makes me so happy. But how did they get the trees to put those socks on?

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  12. Derek says:

    Awesome, Love it.

  13. Jeanne says:

    You are truly a designer tree hugger! That is some powerful stitchery.

  14. someJuan says:

    Saw them in person. The trees are very huggable.

  15. kelly says:

    so in love…..

  16. Cate says:

    Someone took it down! I found the knitting all water logged and stashed behind a hedge :(

  17. Mary Etta says:

    What kind of savage would remove that lovely show? Probably someone who can’t even knit and pearl. Highly uncivilized.

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