Wine Cereal Now Half Price at Corner Liquor Store


Gentrification Alert! Gentrification Alert!

This is how it happens: First comes the ridiculously delicious pizza, then, next thing you know, they’re selling breakfast fare for oenophiles at the liquor store just up the street.

Neighbor David, who took this photo on the corner of Mission and Cortland, writes:

Wine Cereal! really, what more is there to say? #OnlyInSF

The always-astute @friscolex noticed the same as well:

So what’s next?

We can only imagine: Bourbon frozen waffles? Champagne energy drinks? Courvoisier beef jerky? WHEN WILL IT STOP?

PHOTO: David Spector

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6 Responses to Wine Cereal Now Half Price at Corner Liquor Store

  1. I’m in on the Bourbon Waffles.

  2. krwalsh says:

    Sounds a lot like Secret Breakfast over at Humphrey Slocumbe: Bourbon & Corn Flakes

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I noticed the same thing. I’m holding out for the wine cereal to drop even lower, though.

  4. friscolex says:

    I just wish I knew the vintage, since 2012 wine cereal was great, but 2011 wine cereal just lacked true La Lengua terroir…

  5. queenie says:

    My family loves wine cereal! Our faves:
    Reisling Bran
    Pinotbutter Crunch
    Frosted Flake on Meeting Your Friends for Lunch Because you Ate Wine Cereal for Breakfast

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