Lost Dog Makes Neighbor Julie Grateful to Be in Bernal

Neighbor Julie had a tough day on Thursday, but her story has a sweet ending:

I was walking with my little dog, Sherman F. Peabody, around 5:30 yesterday afternoon on Bernal Hill. Sherman usually sticks right with me, but he was playing with another dog, and when I looked back to find him he was gone. It turned out, he ran all the way to Martha & Bros. Coffee Roasters on Cortland. I was beside myself looking for him, when the nice folks at Martha’s called to let me know he was there. When I got to the coffee shop, he was cozied up under a table with some lovely people – they had seen him wandering and brought him inside. I was pretty agitated by the thought of him crossing all of those streets unattended and what might have been, and I’m not sure I thanked everyone properly when I got him. I am so grateful, and so is Sherman. This is the kind of neighborhood where people not only rescue your dog but give him lots of love.

PHOTO: Sherman F. Peabody, by Neighbor Julie

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10 Responses to Lost Dog Makes Neighbor Julie Grateful to Be in Bernal

  1. Nicely done photograph, Julie. I’m glad you got your dog back.

  2. GreenGirl says:

    That story started out scary and, luckily, had an awesome ending. So happy for you that Sherman was found safe and sound! :-) Yeah, Bernal neighbors at Martha’s!!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks so much! We are very lucky. Definitely am grateful to the people at Martha’s — and to all the people who were on the hill that night and helped me look before I got the call!

  3. michelle says:

    CanI just gush over your dog’s name? And great Bernal story, of course!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I think the fame has gone to Sherman’s head. He’s asked that we start calling him “Prince Peabody.”

  4. friscolex says:

    Warms the heart it does. So glad to hear that, Julie. Bravo to Sherman for his street smarts! I have all kinds of identifying tags on my pup, so nice to know people take action right away.

    • Julie says:

      Thanks! The people at Martha’s were quick — I think he was only gone about 10 minutes before I go the call. But those were some LONG minutes!

  5. Judge Crater says:

    The first weekend we got our rescue dog he got spooked, pulled out of his collar and ran from Bernal Hill all the way to Crescent. He would hide under cars until we got close then run another block. He finally let my wife pick him up and carry him home. After that he was devoted to us.

  6. Yes we have a lot of people like that

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