Sneak Preview: Aaron Zube’s Dreamy Bernal Heights Paintings




Neighbor Aaron Zube recently shared images of his Bernal Heights paintings over in the drop-dead sexy Bernalwood Flickr group, and his work blew me away.

“Huh? WOW! What? How?” I asked. Neighbor Aaron explains:

I’ve been living in Bernal (on Bocana street) for about four years now — the paintings are mostly of my immediate surroundings. In this series, I’m trying to capture the feeling of the light & character of the neighborhood. The painting technique is relatively slow &  involves multiple layers of translucent oil paint to give a luminous quality to the painted surface. The entire series should be complete this Fall when I’ll be showing the paintings at Inclusions Gallery.

IMAGES: Aaron Zube

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12 Responses to Sneak Preview: Aaron Zube’s Dreamy Bernal Heights Paintings

  1. Brandon says:

    And Lisa is going to get some more of my money…

  2. Steve Sisler says:

    Aaron is so very talented. I’m lucky to have one of his paintings in my home.

  3. erin malone says:

    I love this work. I feel a kinship to it with my fog images even though I photograph and he paints. Trying to figure out how I can afford one for my house.

  4. David Kaye says:

    Danged Chrome browser! Everything’s out of focus!

  5. bether24 says:

    It’s too bad (for me) that all of his work appears to be sold out. Good for him though! :-/

  6. Andee Wright says:


  7. Andee Wright says:

    Impressive!!! I want one!!!

  8. Darcy says:

    really beautiful and so hopeful looks like it is raining in the first one

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