Loudmouth Bernal Heights Frogs Want Sex, Won’t Shut Up


Everyone knows Bernal Heights is home to lots of dogs. And some cats. And some dissident parrots. But Neighbor Lori is playing host to some really chatty Bernal Heights frogs:

They are Pacific Chorus Frogs, in my backyard pond. It ‘s breeding season, and they are loudmouths! The males make a lot of noise, mostly at night. They stop if I get too close. They are native to the Bernal area and were rescued from behind an industrial shop. I’ve had the pond about five years or so, and every spring during the breeding season they sing. They are hard to see, because they are so tiny. But in the summer when it gets dry I find them camped out around the garden hose.

These frogs are small, but they make a big noise. Here’s Neighbor Lori’s recording of the frog chorus in her back yard:

PHOTO: Frog in Neighbor Lori’s backyard, by Neighbor Lori

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4 Responses to Loudmouth Bernal Heights Frogs Want Sex, Won’t Shut Up

  1. I have visited Lori’s pond and her frogs are awesome! Hope they hitch a ride to our pond a few miles away.

  2. sarah wilson says:

    I am thrilled to hear about Lori’s frogs! Ever since earlier days living in New England & NC, I have missed hearing (& seeing) them…

  3. Lori Eanes says:

    Thank you so much Bernalwood and Todd for making my amphibians famous. In case anyone is interested in having a backyard frog pond I shared a few things I learned on my blog. http://www.backyardrootsbook.com/

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