Star Sighting: Martha Stewart Dined at Ichi Sushi Last Night


Perhaps you heard the rumors swirling around La Lengua last night?

Well, they’re true: Martha Stewart was in San Francisco yesterday, and she stopped in for dinner at Neighbor Tim and Erin Archuleta’s Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar in Bernal Heights.

Here’s the proof, via Twitter — with a cute little typo to provide a perfect touch of “I’m writing this while totally buzzing on Ichi” Marthenticity:



PHOTO: Top, via Wikipedia

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8 Responses to Star Sighting: Martha Stewart Dined at Ichi Sushi Last Night

  1. Terry Austin says:

    A nice coup for Tim

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  2. Janet T says:

    Heard she’s signing her book today at MACYS. Guess the girl has to eat. I wonder if they closed the restaurant for her?

  3. David Kaye says:

    Is this a recommendation for or against Ichi? After all, Martha Stewart’s taste isn’t very good. One of her most famous recipes is for pineapple upside down cake, a horrendous dessert designed in the 1950s by Dole to sell their canned pineapple. So, should we trust Martha’s opinion on Japanese food?

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