Here Are the 10 Cheapest Homes For Sale in Bernal Heights Right Now


What does a bit more than half-a-million buy in Bernal Heights these days? For those morbidly inclined to explore that question, our real estate-obsessed friends at the CurbedSF blog have pulled together an interesting list of the “The 10 Least Expensive Properties for Sale in Bernal Heights”:

Finding a deal in Bernal Heights has become next to impossible, but we’ve combed the listings and mapped the ten least expensive homes for sale in the neighborhood. They start at $500,000 and head on up to $899,000. A few have been flipped in the past year, while others are probably about to be sold to flippers. Quite a few have unwarranted space and one recommends building a brand-new home to replace what’s there now.

It’s a revealing list — notice that all the properties are on the Bernal borderlands, for example. Yet for anyone with the fortitude to do some renovation and remodeling, there may be opportunities for some wannabe homeowners. Maybe.

MAP: via CurbedSF

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7 Responses to Here Are the 10 Cheapest Homes For Sale in Bernal Heights Right Now

  1. Neighbor A says:

    20 Agnon seems like it’s priced to provoke a bidding war.

    • Brandon says:

      Seriously. It’s on a busy street, but unless the foundation has rotted away, that is way underpriced.

      • cg says:

        It has quite a few problems. No one ever maintained it and the agent did a quick clean up on it. The current owners just inherited it from a friend that passed away 2 months ago. It’ll get flipped.

  2. Judge Crater says:

    What a bargin! I’ll take two.

  3. SFResident says:

    I am a renter in one of these houses and the reason it is so inexpensive is because it has been completely neglected by the current owners, is infested with termites, mice and there’s damage to the floors as the dryer has been vented for years directly into the garage causing the wood floors above it to warp and (probably) mold. These places aren’t “cheap” for no good reason… This house will likely need to be completely gutted, something a first time home owner will doubtfully want to take on.

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