Coffee Shop Named Best Coffee Shop in Bernal Heights


No, that headline isn’t a typo. Coffee Shop, a low-key place at 3139 Mission with an eponymous name and no sign out front, remains something of a Precitaville/La Lengua secret. Yet the secret is starting to spread, because Thrillist just proclaimed Coffee Shop to be the best coffee shop in Bernal Heights:

The name’s deceptively simple, but the coffee brewed up at CoffeeShop is anything but, thanks to a daily offering of Ubuntu and iced coffee that’s cold-brewed for THIRTY SIX HOURS, and features signature coffee ice cubes. And yeah, that’s co-owner Wilson Jones slinging espresso shots behind the bar, like a boss.

PS: For those curious about the opening date for the long-awaited Pinhole Coffee in western Cortlandia, this article says it may happen in August. “Hopefully.”

PHOTO: Coffee Shop, by Thrillist

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18 Responses to Coffee Shop Named Best Coffee Shop in Bernal Heights

  1. Definitely one to patronise on my next visit! Love the colour – so Bernal!

  2. Pinhole Coffee is on the western end of Cortlandia, not too far from the Farallones.

  3. George says:

    I have trouble calling the intersection of Ceasar Chavez and Mission Bernal Heights. It’s kind of it’s own world down there. Love the color of the place.

  4. Snobby McGoogle says:

    And if you happen to go through the wrong door, you can pick up a fine “herbal tea”, so to speak…

  5. Dan says:

    I saw some young gentlemen practicing what appeared to capoeira moves in front of the building. I presume they had just received medication for their “chronic” illnesses from the north door, rather than taking triple shots of espresso from the south door. But it’s possible they did both.

  6. Dan says:

    BTW, re: what to call (other than “La Lengua”) the stretch of Mission that houses this coffeeshop: How about “Bernsterdam”?

  7. doug says:

    Love that place. Nice people.

  8. I love this place, but this isn’t Bernal Heights. This is the Mission. I say so as someone who lives at 29th / Mission. I get trying to say it’s Bernal so it “sounds safer” and more appealing to families, but this is The Mission. Look at neighborhood maps.

  9. Lupe says:

    The magic words for me are “cold-brewed”. Looking forward to stopping by!

  10. Smurf says:

    Wilson and his wife are the best, and the Dirty Chai and iced coffee are amazing.

  11. Jujube says:

    Is it connected in any way to the ‘clinic’ next door, or not?

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