Local Ladies Use Unicorn Power to Counter Bernal Planned Parenthood Protests


Equipped only with a few signs, a deep appreciation for the bizarre, and plenty of Grrl Power zeal, a gallant group of local ladies staged a rally at the Planned Parenthood on Valencia yesterday to counter the anti-choice protesters who have recently been more aggressive there.

The professionally fashionable Neighbor Dema shared this dispatch from the sidewalk:

Our goal was to defuse an ugly situation with humor. I think some people were quite confused, especially by the “Unicorns Are Real” poster, but we had a very positive response. One guy instantly donated $100 to Planned Parenthood on his phone, one woman brought us muffins, and the kind folks at Terra Mia gave us free coffee! We also got several people to become members of PP. Success!

Unicorns Forever!

Well played, local ladies. Well played. You make us proud. Also: Unicorns forever!

PHOTO: via Neighbor Dema

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20 Responses to Local Ladies Use Unicorn Power to Counter Bernal Planned Parenthood Protests

  1. Val says:

    This is awesome! Nice job, ladies.

  2. Joyce says:

    UNICORN POWER! Great job everyone!

  3. meeep meeeeeeeeeeeeep says:

    Wow, cool. I’d love to join if this happens again.

  4. George says:

    Way to go! You go girl!

  5. Jennifer K says:

    My heroes!

  6. km says:

    AWESOME!!! thank you! what a great way to counter the vile negativity of the PP protesters. would also love to help out next time, let us know!

  7. trb says:

    I’d also love to join in if they do this again. Please let us know how!

  8. Annice Jacoby says:

    Great approach to dangerous stupidity! Perhaps we can shame the gun shop in the hood away too.

  9. GreenGirl says:

    Very cool, ladies!

  10. Jesse says:

    I too would love to join you and cause some humorous chaos to counter the awful ugliness of the protesters.

  11. Dema Grim says:

    thanks everyone! for the record, we had some masculine energy with us as well in the form of neighbors Todd and Mike!

  12. Eugenie Marek says:

    Thanks and let us know before hand so we can join you!

  13. Dema Grim says:

    feel free to organize your own counter-protest! Just ask your friends, set a time, make some kooky signs (at least one should involve unicorns!) and do it!!!!!

  14. David Kaye says:

    They’ve reinvented the Cacophony Society. Sheesh….

  15. Deb says:

    Would love to join next time around!

  16. bernal walker says:

    wonderful! Love the peaceful , fun counter protest, that gets support for Planned Parenthood too!

  17. "me and mine" is not the answer says:


  18. Tracy C. says:

    Would like to join in on the next one. And I’ve got GLITTER!!!

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