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Before There Was Bernalwood, There Was Bernaltown

Yes, that’s right: Before there was Bernalwood, there was Bernaltown. Bernaltown was a 1997 film project by Gregory Gavin, starring neighborhood kids and a variety of locals. It premiered in early June 1997, in an outside screening at the Bernal … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure: The Pest Report

The house next door has been for sale for months — you can check it out right here. Trouble is, squatters have already moved in…

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The Argument for the Eugenia Funicular

Call me a complainer, but how about replacing Eugenia Street with a chairlift that runs from Mission to Winfield? A proposal like that would even get me to vote for Leland Yee.

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Putting Off Summer: Sometimes Cloudy Is OK

Warm weather isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, rain in May can stave off a tragedy. Here’s a cautionary tale from a time in the recent (ok, distant) past.

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Banks at Jarboe 1925: Some Things Don’t Change

This view of Banks Street south of Jarboe (right across from the Paul Revere playground and down the block from the Coca-Cola billboard) is virtually the same now as it was 86 years ago. Well, except that you’re not really … Continue reading

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Bernalwood’s Bounty: A Spring Harvest

It’s that time of year, when you break out the rake and shovel (or whatever it’s called) and bring in the crops you worked so hard to grow during the last few months.

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How to Flee From Door-to-Door Canvassers Without Pants

I have a big window in my front door, and I’ll admit to using it to my advantage when it comes to canvassers… it only shows the top half of me, so… it might be to their advantage too.

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Bernalwood’s Wild Kingdom, or How To Deal With Unwanted Guests

We’ve had mice, we’ve had rats, we’ve had raccoons living between the house and the neighbor’s house, we’ve had a falcon standing on our back deck, we’ve had friends who just hang around too long at the end of a … Continue reading

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Spring is Here

Did anybody notice how the temperature rose 10 degrees on Wednesday afternoon? One minute, I’m sitting in the shade at the Giants’ game thinking that I should put my jacket on, then suddenly there’s a warm wind blowing in my … Continue reading

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Is This Bernal’s (Second) Most Dangerous Intersection?

Does Mission and Ceasar Chavez (still Army street to me) count as Bernal Heights? Technically, yes, and that’s a very treacherous place to cross the street. So where’s the second- most dangerous intersection? Suprise: Cortland Avenue (that’s what it’s called, … Continue reading

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Where Have All Bernal’s Barbers Gone?

A reminiscence on barbers, and streetcars, and how both of these things don’t exist in Bernal Heights anymore, even though some people really need them.

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Wondering in the Neighborhood for a Parakeet Who Doesn’t Walk Too Much

We’re not sure, but we think Lupito is still missing. Please let us know.

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Has Proof of Intelligent Alien Life Been Discovered in Holly Park?

We recently discovered some unnerving evidence of UMO’s to Holly Park. What could these markings mean for little-leaguers and kickballers on the Hill?

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