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Slacker Raccoon Invades Bernal Home, Plunders Cat Food, Takes Leisurely Nap

Neighbor Rusty, who lives on the upper reaches of Treat on the north slope, recently played host to an uninvited guest, and his security camera captured the house party: A raccoon came in through the cat door the other night … Continue reading

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Bernal Hill Cleanup Was Successful — and Social

Neighbor Sarah, who helped organize the Bernal Hill cleanup last weekend with the (super sexy) Bernal Go Team, shares this Executive Summary of the cleanup party’s effort: It went great! Good turnout, nice to meet neighbors. The scene wasn’t as bad … Continue reading

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Paintings from Neighbor Jesse Schlenker Now Showing at Bernal Star

If you need another reason to take the new Bernal Star restaurant on Cortland for a test drive, here it is: Neighbor Jesse Schlenker is showing some of her watercolors on the walls. She tells Bernalwood: My paintings are currently on display … Continue reading

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Bernal Hill Escapes Fourth Unburned, Despite Efforts of Dimwits

With Karl the Fog providing a practical assist, the Fourth of July came and went uneventfully last Friday, and Bernal Hill survived the holiday unmolested by flames. That’s not to say the Forces of Unsmartness stayed home for the holiday. On … Continue reading

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Wayward Poultry Alert: Lost Chicken Found Crossing Road

Neighbor Sheila found this chicken last night on Bernal Hill: Last evening, while on an evening walk, we found a beautiful black lost chicken on Bernal Hill. She/he was crossing the proverbial street, when we found it. Cars were not … Continue reading

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Kindly Refrain From Incinerating Bernal Hill on July Fourth (and Help Clean Up Afterward)

Neighbor Sarah, your intrepid public safety correspondent, has a humble request for all Citizens of Bernalwood during the upcoming July Fourth holiday: Please do not turn Bernal Hill into a blazing inferno. Neighbor Sarah explains: It’s that time of year again – time … Continue reading

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Air Combat: Precita Park and the Civic Politics of Drones

Well, since we already live in the future, this was probably inevitable… While Bernal neighbors conduct an ongoing conversation about the social norms associated with the presence of dogs in Precita Park, Neighbor Ruby reports that some Bernal residents are also trying … Continue reading

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Avedano’s Team Raising Funds for Artisanal Butcher’s Guild

Audrey Daniel tells Bernalwood that the folks behind Avedano’s Meats on Cortland are doing a fundraising campaign to support the Butcher’s Guild, a trade association for artisanal butchers: I would like to share some local news. A Barnraiser campaign (a new food … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Disavows Rogue Graffiti on Peralta Home

Over the weekend a home on the 600 block of Peralta Avenue in Bernal Heights was tagged with Occupy Bernal Heights graffiti, prompting several neighbors to share photos of the damage with Bernalwood. Graffiti seems incongruent with the above-board (and generally impressive) tactics of … Continue reading

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Vega Freeman-Brady Explains the Inspiration for Bernal Star

The transformation and rebranding of the venerable Liberty Cafe has generated lots of buzz in Greater Cortlandia. Now called Bernal Star, with a menu focused on burgers, Cali-comfort food, and craft beer, your Bernalwood editor observed a thick crowd of curious … Continue reading

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Your Bernal Heights Crime Report for May 2014: Violent Crime Down, Property Crimes Up, and Dates with Prostitutes May Not Go as Planned

Neighbor Sarah, your invaluable volunteer Bernal Heights crime reporter, attended the SFPD Ingleside Community meeting in June, and she filed these summary notes on the latest Bernal Heights crime trends. Read on, read carefully, be smart, and stay safe: Notes … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Bernal’s Lesbian Community, as Viewed from Wild Side West

There’s an interesting story on the cover of SF Weekly this week that looks at the changing geography of San Francisco’s lesbian community. It describes how “San Francisco’s lesbian enclave has shifted four times in the last 30 years, from Valencia Street to Noe … Continue reading

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Here Are the 10 Cheapest Homes For Sale in Bernal Heights Right Now

What does a bit more than half-a-million buy in Bernal Heights these days? For those morbidly inclined to explore that question, our real estate-obsessed friends at the CurbedSF blog have pulled together an interesting list of the “The 10 Least Expensive … Continue reading

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