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Sunday: Artist Performance Will Focus on Alex Nieto Shooting

Megan Lavelle emailed Bernalwood this week to invite our community to a performance dedicated to the officer-involved shooting of Bernal resident Alex Nieto. Megan writes: I am the Assistant Curator for Manresa Gallery, a contemporary art gallery inside St. Ignatius Church … Continue reading

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Bernal Artist Bernie Lubell Unveils Remarkable Wooden Machine That Does Almost Nothing

Last night, Neigbor Lessley and I left the familiar environs of Bernal Heights to attend the glamorous opening party for Neighbor Bernie Lubell’s massive new solo art installation at Intersection for the Arts downtown. As you may remember, when we last saw Neighbor Bernie’s … Continue reading

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Clever Map Reveals Geography of Bernal Heights Coffee Shops

Some clever data-visualization geeks at MIT have created a very cool new map that reveals the social geography of San Francisco coffee shops. A Bernalwood-enhanced look at our portion of the map reveals which parts of Bernal align most organically with each of our local coffee … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights, This Cat Is Watching You. Always. Watching. You.

Neighbor Shannon shared this photo of her cat in the Bernalwood Flickr group. Thanks Shannon! This cat appears to spend a lot of time staring at Bernal Hill. We also suspect the creature may mumble anxiously about “the preciousssssss.”

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Bernal Neighbor’s Essay Ponders Housing Prices, Public Policy, and the Future of San Francisco’s Middle Class

Neighbor Hina Shah is associate professor at the Golden Gate University School of Law. She rents in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone, on 29th at Mission — for the moment. Her housing situation has been stressful, and she wrote about that, and … Continue reading

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Visiting British Tourist Gets the Full Bernal Love

Nice work, people. Last week, we asked all of you to extend a warm welcome to Tony Quarrington, a British tourist and San Franciscophile who is vacationing in Bernal Heights. This week, Tony reports that he’s definitely experienced the Bernal love: It … Continue reading

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Your Bernal Heights Real Estate Report: Average Home Price Nears $1.2 Million During a Year of Living Vertiginously

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Bernal real estate data, so let’s check in on Bernal real estate data. First, the realtors at Downing & Company have compiled one of their periodic round-ups of recent Bernal Heights … Continue reading

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Baby Snake Greets Bernal Neighbor on Front Steps

Last night, Neighbor Kendall found a lurker on his front steps: I came home from picking my daughter up from soccer around 6 pm and found this little baby on our front steps on the North Slope. We are aways … Continue reading

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UPDATED: “Smart Car Tipping” Is a Thing, and It Happened in Bernal Heights Last Night

As you may know, “cow-tipping” is mostly at the stuff of rural legend. As Modern Farmer explains, “Cow tipping, at least as popularly imagined, does not exist. Drunk young men do not, on any regular basis, sneak into cow pastures … Continue reading

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New Happy Hour at Holy Water Happens After the Kids Go to Bed

Happy Hour is lovely, but it’s not exactly convenient. During those precious early evening hours, you’re probably either still at work, or walking your dog, or wrangling your kids, or cooking dinner, or walking the dog while wrangling the kids while cooking … Continue reading

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How to Have Breakfast in Guatemala Without Leaving Bernal Heights

Writing for SFWeekly, Eva Recinos shares a delicious discovery: The Universal Bakery on Mission Street right at the foot of Cortland does breakfast Guatemalan style, and they do it right. Eva writes: Sweet bread is a ritual of sorts in … Continue reading

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New Blog Documents Renovation of Old House on Bennington

Remember that sad house on Bennington Street that was offered for rent in November 2013 for the plutocratic sum of $9999 per month? Unsurprisingly, no one took the then-landlord up on that offer. So a few weeks later, the home was put on … Continue reading

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Saturday: Gun Buyback to Get Surplus Weapons Off Our Streets

Neighbor Sarah, Bernalwood’s official unofficial liaison to the San Francisco Police Department, brings news of the Ingleside gun-buyback event happening on Saturday: Join us for a community-organized gun buyback this Saturday, April 5, 2014, 9am-2pm, at 2630 Bayshore Blvd. @ … Continue reading

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