This Is the New Bernal Heights Graphic from Artist Amos Goldbaum


Pro Tip: If you’re heading to Fiesta on the Hill this Sunday — and you are going to Fiesta on the Hill this Sunday, aren’t you? — look for Bernal-born artist Amos Goldbaum’s booth on Cortland.

That’s where you’ll find the t-shirts with Neighbor Amos’s sexy new Bernal Heights graphic, shown above. So lovely! So detailed! So locavore!

Here’s the closer look:


Globetrotting French Family Gets Proper Bernal Welcome Near Yosemite


Remember that globetrotting French family that was parked on Bernal Hill last weekend?

Neighbor Dawn, the patron saint of El Rio, hoped to give them a proper Bernal welcome… but she arrived on the Hill after they’d already departed. Nevertheless, she did eventually succeed in her quest. Neighbor Dawn tells the tale:

I read your recent post on the French family in bernal and was thrilled, as I love those vehicles and folks making travels like this wonderful group. I immediately went up to the hill to say hello and offer them my house to park and rest, but they were already gone. I got the best surprise though…

I live part time in a small town near Yosemite, and as i came up this week, guess who i discovered along the road? I invited them to stay with me, and we just had the most wonderful couple of days visiting with them. They are on their way thru Yosemite now.

Thank you for saying hello to them to begin with, and the blog post. It was such a pleasure for me to meet them!

PHOTO: The Cébron Family, by Neighbor Dawn

Bernal Hill Stars in the Most Epic Display of Giants Pride the World Has Ever Seen


Holy schmokes!  While things were going badly for the Giants last night, Daniel Leu, our favorite Bernal-watcher on Potrero Hill, noticed that we looked rather stunning during the sunset.

Daniel writes:

While the San Francisco Giants were battling the Kansas City Royals, the sky over Bernal Heights had its own spectacular show.

We may have lost the game, but it can now be said Bernal Hill put on the most epic display of orange-and-black Giants Pride the world has ever seen.

PHOTO: Daniel Leu

TEDDY BEAR ALERT! Owner Sought for Well-Loved Bear Found Near Bocana


Neighbor Jenny on Bocana found this teddy bear on a Bernal Heights street, and she wants to help it get back home:

I found this teddy bear the other day, face-planted at the side of the street like a victim in some fuzzy version of CSI. He was found near the corner of Eugenia and Bocana. I turned him over and melted a little bit: he’s filthy from his time on the street, but obviously well loved. Given my own daughter’s attachment to her stuffed BFF – a linen-pants-wearing toad named Lewis – I decided to pick up the bear and try to get him his family back.

If this was your teddy bear, please contact the Bernalwood Lost Stuffie Hotline at bernalwood at gmail dot com to restore wholeness to the universe.

PHOTO: Neighbor Jenny

Tonight: First Ever Trivia Night at Cafe St. Jorge


Miss Andrea from the fabulous Cafe St. Jorge on Mission (near Cortland) invites you to a  historic, first-ever Trivia Night tonight, with bonus beer specials. Andrea says:

We will be hosting a Trivia Night tonight at Cafe St. Jorge with our very own, Ashley, as host.  The event is from 6-8PM and we will be offering $2 off all bottled beer and wine.  We also have beer on tap – $3 pints, $12 pitchers.

Bernal Street Photographer Exhibits Work in Glamorous SoMa Parking Lot


During a brisk constitutional on Second Street in SoMa yesterday, your Bernalwood editor stumbled across a rather gorgeous photo exhibit in the parking lot across the street from the (so classic) Adolph Gasser Photography store at 181 Second.

It’s a series of photos wheatpasted onto the parking lot’s brick walls, and it looks fantastic. The show is called “City at Large,” and wouldn’t you know it… Bernal neighbor and superstar street photographer Troy Holden, a resident of Cortlandia, has a few images on display.

That’s Troy’s work, in the photo above. Beautiful!

Check out Neighbor Troy’s photos if you’re taking a constitutional on Second Street, or peep his feed online.

PHOTO: Troy Holden’s photography on display in City at Large, by Telstar Logistics

On Lundys Landing, Bernal Neighbors Share an Al Fresco World Series



Last night’s 7-1 victory over the Royals in Game One of the World Series was a great moment for all Giants fans, but the scene was particularly sweet on Lundys Landing, where some of your neighbors projected the game onto the side of an adjacent house.

Neighbor Valjoy says the al fresco viewing party will happen again for Game Two tonight, and you’re invited:

PHOTOS: Top, @travis_schlafke. Below, @Valjoy9