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Tonight: Party at The New Wheel to Celebrate a Homegrown Electric Bike

Miss Karen Wiener, co-founder of the newfangled (and devilishly successful) New Wheel electric bicycle shop on Cortland, shares news that there’s a party at the store beginning at 6 pm tonight to celebrate the release of the Faraday Porteur,  a supersexy new ebike … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Lives Up to “Hottest Neighborhood” Hype, Despite Ongoing Ambivalence

You may recall that awkward moment last winter when the real estate gurus at Redfin decided to honor and torment us by naming Bernal Heights the Hottest Neighborhood in the Entire Galaxy. Since then, the Citizens of Bernalwood have struggled with a deep sense of ambivalence … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbor Combines His Words, His Photos in Beautiful Book About Daily Life in Uganda

From 2009 to 2012, Neighbor Douglas Cruickshank was a Peace Corps volunteer, living in a remote village in the mountains of western Uganda. Today, he lives on Gates Street in Bernal Heights, where he wrote a book about his experiences in … Continue reading

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Sad and Shameful: Alex Nieto Memorial on Bernal Hill Plagued by Vandalism

For those who knew Alex Nieto, the young Bernal resident killed during an officer-involved shooting on Bernal Hill last spring, the last few months have been unrelentingly sad — and at times, deeply alienating. Bernalwood recently described how the official … Continue reading

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Is It OK if a Scooter-Sharing Company Uses Two Street Parking Spaces on Coleridge?

Neighbor Valerie wants to know how and why a scooter-sharing company decided to occupy two motorcycle parking spaces on Coleridge: I wanted to alert you to the next (potential) wave in the Great Parking Wars of Bernal Heights. This morning, we … Continue reading

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Car Overturns Under Suspicious Circumstances on Bernal Hill

Drama!  Bad driving! Vehicular inversion! A suspicion of crime! On Bernal Hill! There was an accident on the north side of Bernal Heights Boulevard late Saturday morning that left a vehicle overturned in a rather unlikely place. Neighbor Benjamin shared his photos, and … Continue reading

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REVEALED: Neighbor Darcy Lee’s Sordid, Secret Sha Na Na Salad Dressing Recipe

As she is with so many things, Neighbor Darcy was into Sha Na Na long before it was cool. Today, of course, Neighbor Darcy is the proprietress of the fabulous Heartfelt general store on Cortland. Yet many moons ago, she was rather close (wink … Continue reading

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Airbnb Hosts Stage Backyard Rally in Bernal Heights

In addition to the counter-protest at Planned Parenthood, there was another demonstration event in Bernal Heights yesterday, but this second action was taken by neighbors who generate income by renting out space in their homes for vacation rentals. They call themselves Fair to Share San … Continue reading

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Local Ladies Use Unicorn Power to Counter Bernal Planned Parenthood Protests

Equipped only with a few signs, a deep appreciation for the bizarre, and plenty of Grrl Power zeal, a gallant group of local ladies staged a rally at the Planned Parenthood on Valencia yesterday to counter the anti-choice protesters who have recently … Continue reading

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Neighbor Chuck Finds New “Everyday Sights in Bernal Heights”

Neighbor Chuck got a job, which has been great for his finances but bad for fans of his blog. Luckily for those patient fans, Neighbor Chuck found some time recently to go for one of his horticultural walks around Bernal Heights, and the result is a … Continue reading

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New Bernal Journal Goes on Hiatus, as Neighbor Tim Redmond Hatches Plan to Revive It

Regular readers might have noticed something odd on the front page of the most recent (April/May) issue of the New Bernal Journal, the bimonthly print newspaper published by the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. Below the fold, a small item explained that the New Bernal … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Decision Amps Up Protestors at Valencia Planned Parenthood Clinic

Recently, a unanimous US Supreme Court decision invalidated a Massachusetts law that created protest-free “buffer zones” around clinics that provide abortion services, on the grounds that the law violates the First Amendment right to free speech. San Francisco has a similar buffer-zone law, which has been much … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Heavy, Handmade Community Bench Recovered After Late-Night Theft

Last Saturday morning, Bernalwood received an urgent communication from Neighbor Annice on Prospect. Overnight, someone had stolen the beautiful new community bench she’d helped install: Please send an ALERT for a beautiful community bench taken [Friday] night from Prospect. There … Continue reading

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