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Pint-Size Easter Egg Hunter-Gatherers Invade Holly Park

At 10 a.m. sharp on Easter Sunday, the madding crowd could be constrained no longer. “Go!” a voice rang out. And with that, Holly Park was engulfed in a sea of pastel-clad marauders. Unabashedly abetted by their parents, the young … Continue reading

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Christmas Carolers Light Up Virginia Street, Demand Figgy Pudding

’Twas the week before Christmas, the kids were in bed, when all of a sudden, my dear husband said, “Hey, is there, like, someone singing carols outside?” Indeed, there was! From our front porch we spied a couple dozen carolers, … Continue reading

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Paper Thief Piques Patron of the Printed Word

Most of us spend so much time in front of screens these days that newspapers are starting to seem downright quaint. Which is why this sign, spotted recently on Eugenia,  filled my heart with sadness and made me yearn for … Continue reading

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Micro-Interview: Thanksgiving Day at the Good Life

A last-minute scramble for a pie tin (grasshopper pie… mmmmm!) occasioned a Thanksgiving Day visit to the Good Life Grocery. The perfect excuse for a micro-interview! Bernalwood: Anything been flying off the shelves today? Manager Frank: Turkeys! The owners picked … Continue reading

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“Bikini Jogger” Micro-Interview: It’s All About the Tan

BREAKING NEWS! The Bikini Jogger was spotted this morning at extremely close range — close enough for her to notice that a harried-looking woman (a.k.a. this reporter) with child in tow wanted to talk to her. Here’s how it went: … Continue reading

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Elusive “Bikini Jogger” Enlivens, Perplexes Bernal Heights

In the Pacific Northwest, they have Sasquatch. The Yeti is said to stalk the Himalayas. In Scotland, searchers seek the Loch Ness Monster. And of course, Ahab had his white whale. Here in Bernal Heights, we also have an elusive creature … Continue reading

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Name That Spider (and Don’t Get Caught in Its Web)!

OK, all you arachnologists out there, I’m sure one of you can identify this beauty that’s been taking over Bernalwood with a vengeance this Halloween season. We’ve taken to calling ours Shelob because of her large girth, curtain-like webs that … Continue reading

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Tonight! Buy Chicken John’s Book, Help Save His Space for ‘Odd and Unlikely Artworks’

On Cesar Chavez Street near Mission, there’s a prominent mural on a jaunty red building that shouts advice to all passers-by: “Fail…to WIN!” That slogan is the subtitle of The Book of the IS, a new book written by the … Continue reading

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2011 Bernal Hill Blackberry Crop a Sorry Sight

For months we’ve been hungrily eyeing that prodigious patch of blackberry bushes near the parking lot at the entrance of Bernal Hill Park. After all, what says “It’s summer on Bernal Hill” more than picking and munching your own blackberries … Continue reading

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Wait, Bernal Yoga Instructors Are Undercover Cops? Huh?

For weeks this ad, plastered on the side of Bernal Yoga and adjacent to the Good Life parking lot, has been causing Bernalwood residents to scratch their heads. Clearly it was intended for an actual highway billboard that a police … Continue reading

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Bernal Succulent Thief Really Sucks

Keep an eye on your yards, everyone. A western slope resident reports that someone recently hacked off a number of the large succulents she had been lovingly tending in her front yard for the past five years. “This reminded me … Continue reading

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Dude, Share My Car

Need a car? Live in Bernalwood? Maybe you should take my neighbor’s Scion xD, which is currently parked on Virginia Avenue near Winfield. It’ll run you just eight bucks an hour, which includes gas, insurance, and 20 miles/hour. Such transactions … Continue reading

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Bernalwood Author Envisions Attack by Cute Zombie Bunnies

If there are two things Bernalwood boasts in spades, it’s creative types and kids. One of the former, six-year hill resident Aaron Ximm — my husband! — officially became a capital-A author yesterday with the publication of his first book, … Continue reading

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