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The Secret Sauce That Makes “Occupy Bernal” Effective

There’s an interesting new article on the KALW website that seeks to explain why, unlike so much of the Occupy movement, “Occupy  Bernal Heights” has actually been rather effective. The secret, it turns out, is a door-to-door, block-by-block focus on local communities: … Continue reading

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Billboard Saga Part XXIII: Pro-Life Billboard Removed, Yet Hacked Again. Again.

Okay, follow along… As of this morning, the controversial pro-life billboard on Cortland that was hacked, then replaced, then hacked again, and replaced again, has now been removed completely. So the billboard is gone, but it has nevertheless been hacked … Continue reading

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Hackers “Redesign” Pro-Life Billboard on Cortland

Neighbor Jon writes… It did not take long for the right wing, anti-choice ad on Cortland at Andover to get a Bernal makeover. PHOTOS: Neighbor Jon

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Occupy Bernal Protesting Today to Halt Foreclosure of Neighbor’s Home

Those street-savvy social activists from Occupy Bernal are organizing a protest against Wells Fargo Bank today to (hopefully) halt a Bernal Heights foreclosure that will likely result in the eviction of Neighbors Maria and Washington from their home: Occupy the Auctions … Continue reading

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Wild Old Women of Bernal Heights Still Occupying BofA

They don’t quit! Instagrammer Linds930 snapped this photo today of Bernal’s Wild Old Women as they Occupied the Bank of America branch on Mission Street in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone: A fun lot of self proclaimed “old women” occupy … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Is Perhaps the Only Part of the #Occupy Movement That Wasn’t Completely Useless

In hindsight, the Occupy movement was a big disappointment. When the movement first took hold last autumn, Occupy’s clever framing of economic issues as a contrast between the uber-affluent 1% of America’s population and the remaining 99% was a masterful … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Heights and Supervisor David Campos Rally at City Hall

Occupy Bernal Heights was joined by several City Supervisors — including David Campos — for a rally on the steps of City Hall to combat home foreclosures. Fog City Journal was there: The rally on City Hall steps, organized by … Continue reading

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Activism 101: Paul Revere Students Protest for Education

Bernalwood contributor Bronwyn Ximm writes: Paul Revere School is getting its Occupy on: Yesterday a very vocal group of enthusiastic students and a teacher (the guy) and a parent (the woman) got ready to march to Civic Center for a … Continue reading

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Comparing Notes with a Planned Parenthood Protester

This week, Bernal resident Peephole checked in on on the protests that sometimes take place in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic on Valencia Street in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone. The Planned Parenthood on Valencia had protestors again yesterday. Mysteriously, … Continue reading

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VICTORY: Future of Bernal’s Vintage Coke Sign Is Secured

It took a year, an outcry, and a special piece of legislation to get the job done, but last Thursday the matter of Anonymous NIMBY vs. Bernal’s Vintage Coca-Cola Sign has been resolved, and the future of the sign is … Continue reading

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“Occupy Bernal” Takes Fight to Wells Fargo

Occupy Bernal has taken their fight beyond Bernal Heights by carrying their protest against home foreclosures directly to executives at Wells Fargo. The SF Bay Guardian catches us up: Yesterday, three top Wells Fargo executives flew to San Francisco to … Continue reading

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Support “Cycle for Survival” With Team Spector/Smith

Bernal neighbor David Spector writes to tell us that his family is raising money to support cancer research: The Spector/Smith family is riding this year in Cycle for Survival, an indoor relay style team cycling event that raises money for … Continue reading

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Meet the “Wild Old Women” of Occupy Bernal

Remember when that posse of self-described “wild old women” #occupied the Bank of America branch on Mission near Valencia not long ago? It was a clever stunt marred by only one agitprop oversight: No good photos of the occupiers were … Continue reading

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