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UPDATED: Handbill Announces Curious Cat Has Been Shipped Off to Animal Control

This is the kind of thing that almost makes you grateful for passive-aggressive parking notes. Almost. Because rather than just complaining about an awkwardly parked car, this note explains that an awkwardly curious cat was unceremoniously shipped off to Animal Control. Neigbor … Continue reading

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Lost and Found: The Curious Tale of the Randy Rooster Captured Yesterday Near Precita Park

Neighbor Jeremy tells the tale of the rooster that showed up outside his home near Precita Park yesterday, how he (valiantly) captured said rooster, and how you can claim the creature if he was yours: On Sunday I overheard the murmur of a … Continue reading

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Slacker Raccoon Invades Bernal Home, Plunders Cat Food, Takes Leisurely Nap

Neighbor Rusty, who lives on the upper reaches of Treat on the north slope, recently played host to an uninvited guest, and his security camera captured the house party: A raccoon came in through the cat door the other night … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights, This Cat Is Watching You. Always. Watching. You.

Neighbor Shannon shared this photo of her cat in the Bernalwood Flickr group. Thanks Shannon! This cat appears to spend a lot of time staring at Bernal Hill. We also suspect the creature may mumble anxiously about “the preciousssssss.”

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Baby Snake Greets Bernal Neighbor on Front Steps

Last night, Neighbor Kendall found a lurker on his front steps: I came home from picking my daughter up from soccer around 6 pm and found this little baby on our front steps on the North Slope. We are aways … Continue reading

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Loudmouth Bernal Heights Frogs Want Sex, Won’t Shut Up

Everyone knows Bernal Heights is home to lots of dogs. And some cats. And some dissident parrots. But Neighbor Lori is playing host to some really chatty Bernal Heights frogs: They are Pacific Chorus Frogs, in my backyard pond. It … Continue reading

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Bernal Butterfly Arrives Early, Uses Hill as Warming Hut

Neighbor Chris photographed some local fauna last weekend on Bernal Hill: In the unseasonably warm sun atop Bernal Hill, this Red Admiral Butterfly stopped long enough for me to snap this photo, warming it’s wings against the red rock. Update: … Continue reading

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