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New “Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book” Celebrates 2014 Bernal Outdoor Cinema Festival

Neighbor Mason Kirby is an architect who lives on Mullen and works from a cute little office on Bocana just off Cortland. A few years ago, Neighbor Mason created a fabulously clever Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book, which he generously shared with … Continue reading

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Sexy Bernal Sweatshirt Hoodies For Sale to Support Final Phase of Library Art Project

The Bernal Library Art Project is entering its final phase. After all the controversy, and the delicate mediation, and the hard-earned consensus, and the installation of new artwork on the library’s Cortland and Moultrie facades, work is now underway to complete … Continue reading

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If Two Homes Are Built on This Bernal Heights Property, Will It Explode in a Giant Scorching Fireball?

There’s a design review committee meeting happening tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 28 at 7 pm at the Precita Center. The topic on the agenda will be that proposal to build two single-family homes at 3516 and 3526 Folsom on the southeast slope of … Continue reading

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Neighbor Noah Invites You on a Trip to Stylish North Korea

Neighbor Noah Lang lives in Precitaville, and he runs the wonderful Electric Works fine art press in SoMa. He’s a terrific fellow with superb taste, and I suspect he’d be a great travel companion. That’s important, because Neighbor Noah would like you … Continue reading

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Übercool Architecture Magazine Visits Bernal Home with Living Roof

Dwell is a glamorous San Francisco-based magazine about modern domestic architecture, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Dwell influences the design agenda for forward-thinking homeowners and residential architects nationwide. In its current issue, Dwell celebrates Neighbor Peter and Neighbor Grace’s Bernal … Continue reading

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New Renderings Reveal the St. Luke’s Hospital of Tomorrow, Today

Now that all the squabbling over the plans has been settled (knock wood), California Pacific Medical Center has released a new set of renderings that show what the new, redesigned, 120-bed St. Luke’s Hospital on Cesar Chavez at Valencia will … Continue reading

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Cozy Bernal Heights Vacation Rental Gets Good Gas Mileage

Here’s an easy way to get away from it all — without having to get away at all! Check out this suh-weet Airbnb vacation rental in Bernal Heights. It’s comfortably furnished, with a queen-size bed, plush seating, big windows, and … Continue reading

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