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New Mission Theater Plan Will Also Bring New Housing to North Bernal Borderlands

Last week, the City’s Planning Commission approved a very exciting proposal to restore and renovate the abandoned New Mission Theater on Mission at 22nd Street. It’s a promising development that will bring some grandeur back to the old theater, which … Continue reading

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Bernal Library Reveals Unadorned Facade During Mural-Free Interlude

If you’re one of those people who spent the last decade or two wondering what the Bernal Height library would look like if it didn’t have a mural painted on its facade, you’re now in luck. The old mural was … Continue reading

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Three Bernal Homes Selected for Schwanky Architecture Tour

Here’s some deep evidence of Bernal’s celebrity status. This year, three (3!!) Bernal Heights houses were selected for inclusion in this weekend’s Home Tour organized by the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects. So chic! Thankfully, our … Continue reading

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Bernal Architect Creates Whimsical Steampunk Bathroom

Residential architect¬†Andre Rothblatt lives in Bernal Heights, and he recently finished a very wild project: a Steampunk Bathroom. In an email to us, Andre explains: The bathroom was part of a whole house remodel of a Craftsmen-style home is located … Continue reading

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Controversial Bernal Library Mural Cloaked in New Controversy

Just like Lindsay Lohan, the proposal to create a new mural for the Bernal Heights Library has a talent for attracting controversy. Right now, the library is covered in scaffolding and repainting was supposed to have started this week. Instead, … Continue reading

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Before and After: Backstage During the Curb Appeal Home Makeover on Bocana

Bernalwood is all about the celebrity star-sightings, so you probably remember when we told you about the home on Bocana that was getting a big makeover as part of a reality TV show called Curb Appeal. The project and the … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: “Curb Appeal” Filming on Bocana

Neighbor Jon contacted us via the Twitter yesterday with this hot news flash: @Bernalwood TV show, Curb Appeal, filming on Bocana. For your files. — Jon Mooallem (@jmooallem) February 16, 2012 O-M-G! HGTV’s “Curb Appeal!” ¬†Fliming on Bocana! So where … Continue reading

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