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Deadline Extended for Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Contest

This just in…. To give everyone a little more time to settle in after the Thanksgiving holiday, architect Mason Kirby has decided to extend the submission deadline for the Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Contest.¬†Mason says: Extension time! The new deadline … Continue reading

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The Secret Murals at 254 Precita

The duplex at 254 Precita Avenue is for sale. Here’s how the realtors describe it: Two VACANT units and ready for new buyers to move in! Great North Slope Bernal location close to Precita Park, Mission District, and easy freeway … Continue reading

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SF Giants Street Art Spreads Across Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights Home Decor Trend: Is stencil street art the new white picket fence? Our post about the homeowner on the west slope who invited street artist Get Up to do an SF Giants-themed installation on the side of his … Continue reading

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Meet the World’s Best Neighbor, Next Door to 3407 Folsom

Last week’s post about that new, modern house at 3407 Folsom generated a lot of spicy commentary and armchair architectural criticism. Some folks love the design of the new house, and others just don’t really dig this whole “modernism” thing. … Continue reading

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Sutro Tower Fanboy Creates Misty, Magical Mini-Animation

Reader Andrew lives on Cortland, and he wants to join the Sutro Tower Fan Club. As part of his application, he writes: “I witnessed beautiful fog action and thought would send [this animated gif] your way.” Welcome to Da Club, … Continue reading

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Old House on Folsom Gets Colorful New Mural

There’s an old house on Folsom near Ripley that just completed a lovely new mural on the facade. The owner of the place is young(ish), but he’s no arriviste — during a quick chat with Bernalwood, he told us he … Continue reading

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There Is a Glamorous New Mini-Park on Bernal Hill

Contrary to the way it may appear, that spiffy area of freshly landscaped land on the northeast corner of Bernal Hill (on Bernal Heights Boulevard between Carver and Bradford) is NOT part of the new house that sits right behind … Continue reading

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Does David Campos Do Graffiti?

Reader Nate sent us this photo he took recently on Precita Avenue near Mission Street, adding: All this time I had no idea that David Campos was a tagger! Either that, or perhaps he has established a new North Bernal … Continue reading

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Coming Soon(er): Construction Begins at Precita Park Cafe

As Bernalwood reported earlier, it looks like the renovation of the storefront that will soon become the Precita Park Cafe has finally started at the corner of Precita and Alabama. The plywood is up, construction has started, and we assume … Continue reading

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Then and Now: Bernalwood’s Wild Wild West, 1975 vs. 2011

From the ever-fabulous photo archives of Dave Glass (whom we last met right here), comes this typically fabulous photo of Bernalwood’s west slope, taken during the mid-1970s. Dave’s caption explains: Foreground is Mission Street near Fair, Bernal Heights district, One … Continue reading

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Two Bernal Luxury Apartments Repackaged as One $3.5 Million Mini-MegaMansion

California Home and Design takes a look at a new home that was recently completed in Bernalwood at 3119 Harrison Street, between Precita Park and Cesar Chavez: The Basics: A two-unit building, offering a total of six bedrooms, more or … Continue reading

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Boston Artist Paints Pictures of Bernal Heights Homes

Artist Leah Giberson lives in Boston. ¬†She’s only visited Bernal Heights once, but she developed an instant affinity for our neighborhood — an affinity that she’s now translated into a pair of paintings about local homes. In a note to … Continue reading

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Is There a Way to Make the New Lowe’s Less Ugly?

I’ll start with a confession: I am not, and have never been a hater when it comes to the new Lowe’s on Bayshore Boulevard. The old Goodman’s was an eyesore, I always disliked driving to the ‘burbs just to buy … Continue reading

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