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Young Photography Superstar Displaying Work at Cafe St. Jorge

Neighbor David is the proud father of Neighbor Sarabeth Spector, who at age 13 has been dubbed the hottest new photographer in Bernal Heights. So with understandable pride, Davis is spreading the word that some of Sarabeth’s photos are currently … Continue reading

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This Weekend: Open Studio at Recycled Glassworks on Bonview

Last minute announcement (my fault) and Xmas shopping opportunity! Neighbor Lauren is having open studio event at her Recycled Glassworks workshop on fashionable Bonview Street this weekend. She tells us: With all the recent home sales in Bernal Heights come plenty remodels. Out … Continue reading

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New Video Profiles Lisa Moro of Inclusions Gallery

As part of his ongoing series of video profiles about creative people in Bernal Heights, Neighbor Steve Sisler recently released a new piece about Lisa Moro of the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland: Lisa Moro began curating shows at the Inclusions … Continue reading

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New Mural Contrasts Bernal Heights, Then vs. Now

Neighbor Mark noticed a new mural by Precita Eyes that appeared recently on Alabama Street, just north of Precita. On the left side of the mural, there is a late 20th century vision of 24th Street and Bernal Hill. The … Continue reading

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Animated GIF Shows Very Animated Nighttime View of New Bayfront Mural

Neighbor Joe Thomas  (Codename: Jobius) operates a Bernalwood Observation Post at an upper altitude on the east side of Bernal Heights. He also uses this location as an Animated GIF manufacturing facility. All this means that Jobius now spends a … Continue reading

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Massive New Waterfront Mural Visible from Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights is an interesting place to spend time, in no small part because the neighborhood rewards sustained attention in both micro and macro modes. That is, there’s a lot to notice both when you zoom in on street-level details … Continue reading

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Hurry! Go See “First” by Bernal Playwright Evy Pine Before Nov. 10

Neighbor Laurie urges one and all to see the Bernal-born play that’s currently on stage at Stagewerx, depicting a day in the life of Bill Gates (before he was BILL GATES): We went yesterday to see “First” at Stagewerx theater … Continue reading

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Sunday: Glamorous Artists’ Reception for “Art in Bernal” Show at Inclusions

The current show at the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland is a special treat: A collection of work created by artists who live in Bernal Heights. The show is terrific, but for enhanced celebrity effect, drop by the Artists Reception on … Continue reading

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This Weekend: Artist Open Studios in Bernal Heights

It’s that creative time of year again, so put on your walking shoes to make your pilgrimage as part of the annual SF Open Studios series in Bernal Heights: When SF Open Studios was started by a group of enterprising … Continue reading

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Beautiful New Map Shows Bernal Heights, Even More So

Fast Company Design carries a story about a new map of San Francisco that  happens to include a particularly tasty representation of Bernal Heights: In San Francisco Contours, a topographical print by Abe Bingham … urbanity has been stripped away to highlight the hills of … Continue reading

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Sunday: Rebel Cartographer Burrito Justice Celebrates “Bike to Books” Map Project

When he’s not fomenting insurrection, agitating for territorial autonomy, or weaponizing Mexican food, Burrito Justice,  Chief Rebel Spokeblogger for the La Lenguans, also likes to dabble in cartography and map-making. He usually deploys these skills to foment heated arguments about … Continue reading

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Awesomeness: Todd Berman’s Bernal Hill Paintings Now Showing at Mission Pie

Neighbor Todd Berman is a moved to Bernal Heights not too long ago, and to this day he maintains good relations with his former neighbors in the Mission flatlands north of Cesar Chavez. As proof of this, Neighbor Todd has a … Continue reading

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Attention, Artists: Submissions Wanted for 2013 “Art From Within Bernal Heights” Gallery Show

Wanna share your amazing art with the rest of us? The Inclusions Gallery on Cortland is still accepting submissions for the annual (and excellent) “Art From Within Bernal Heights” show, but you’d best hurry, because the submission deadline is October … Continue reading

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