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Bernal Neighbor, Now Studying in Barcelona, Creates Rather Intense Robot-Enhanced Dance Video

Neighbor Carmen is from Bernal Heights, but she’s now finishing up a grad program in glamorous Barcelona, Spain, where she just produced a rather intensely lovely video piece. “I’m a Bocana kid, missing SF, wanting my neighbors to see what we Bernalites are … Continue reading

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Tonight: Glamorous Art Opening Party at Cafe St. Jorge

Andrea de Francisco, founder of the fabulous and transformative Cafe St. Jorge on Mission near Cortand, invites one and all to an art opening happening at the cafe tonight: THE SHOW: PRETTY/HEAVY PRETTY/HEAVY explores themes of weight, texture, pattern, perspective … Continue reading

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Hurry! Artists Wanted for (New) 2014 Summer Stroll Art Walk

Neighbor Arno shares this call for artists who seek to participate in the new Art Walk that will happen during the glamorous Summer Stroll on Cortland in June. But hurry!  The deadline for submissions it at hand: The Summer Stroll on Cortland … Continue reading

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Watercolors of Bernal Heights by Neighbor Jessie Schlenker

Neighbor Jessie Schlenker has been doing some terrific Bernal Heights watercolors lately, and one of his pieces is now on display at the stylish Bernal Heights Library. Jessie tells Bernalwood: I am a resident of Bernal, and like many, I’m … Continue reading

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Bernal Artist Joe Branchcomb Displays Work at Little Bee Bakery

Bernal artist Toby Klayman proudly shares the news that her husband, artist Joe   Branchcomb, is displaying some of his new work inside the very sweet Little Bee Bakery at 521 Cortland: Joseph Mack Branchcomb is a painter and documentary photographer. These works of … Continue reading

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Tonight: Opening Reception for Bernal Artist’s Home Paintings

Neighbor Lauren is a renter who lives (for now — gulp!) in the “iPad House,” the secret home on Perhalta near US101 that has been hidden behind a giant billboard since the dawn of freeway history: She is also a photographer, and a painter, and … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Leaves Chalk Art Outside Bernal Homes

The Easter Bunny left us a cool present on Sunday morning, sometime between the time when I grabbed the newspaper after waking up and when I walked outside a short while later to run an errand. The gift arrived in … Continue reading

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