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Sunday: Artist Performance Will Focus on Alex Nieto Shooting

Megan Lavelle emailed Bernalwood this week to invite our community to a performance dedicated to the officer-involved shooting of Bernal resident Alex Nieto. Megan writes: I am the Assistant Curator for Manresa Gallery, a contemporary art gallery inside St. Ignatius Church … Continue reading

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Bernal Artist Bernie Lubell Unveils Remarkable Wooden Machine That Does Almost Nothing

Last night, Neigbor Lessley and I left the familiar environs of Bernal Heights to attend the glamorous opening party for Neighbor Bernie Lubell’s massive new solo art installation at Intersection for the Arts downtown. As you may remember, when we last saw Neighbor Bernie’s … Continue reading

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New Mural, Very Hot Pink, Now Complete on Helipad House

The paint is dry and the scaffolding has come down. And now, the new mural is complete on the facade of the Helipad House at the tippy-top of Folsom Street just below Bernal Hill. As you no doubt recall, the mural … Continue reading

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Today: Bernal Kids Will Present Spoken Word in Bayview

Tonight, several of Bernal’s most distinguished junior street poets will be in Bayview for a spoken word performance. Neighbor Maya Sussman provides the preview: I’m an Elsie Street native and current resident. I work at Performing Arts Workshop, a 49-year-old … Continue reading

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Colored Lights Bring New Waterfront Mural to Life at Night

The new mural on the waterfront silos visible from the eastern side  of Bernal was completed a few weeks ago. Now the multicolored lights that animate the mural at night are also live, and the result is rather wonderful. To … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview: Aaron Zube’s Dreamy Bernal Heights Paintings

Neighbor Aaron Zube recently shared images of his Bernal Heights paintings over in the drop-dead sexy Bernalwood Flickr group, and his work blew me away. “Huh? WOW! What? How?” I asked. Neighbor Aaron explains: I’ve been living in Bernal (on … Continue reading

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Bernal Artist Building Medieval Rube Goldberg Machine in Garage

Sivan, the Jedi waffle-slinger from Suite Foods at 331 Cortland, noticed something rather amazing during a recent stroll through Bernal Heights: I was walking down Crescent recently and saw an open garage with a very intriguing gigantic wooden sculpture filling … Continue reading

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Clever Infographic Shows Where Runners Run in Bernal Heights

The FlowingData website just posted a set of spiffy infographics that visualize where people go running in a variety of fabulous cities: A lot of people make their workouts public on a variety of services, so there’s definitely accessible data. … Continue reading

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New Mural Takes Shape on Helipad House

Bernal Hill is swell place to go for a nature walk, but it’s also becoming a great place to view large-scale art. The mural on the old grain silos on the eastern waterfront is now complete, just as a new … Continue reading

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Mockups Show Proposed Mosaic for Back of Bernal Library

Neighbor Brandon has an update on the new artwork that’s in development for the southern, playground-facing side of the fashionable Bernal Heights Library: The second phase of the library mural is moving ahead. We have a design (viewable on our … Continue reading

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Neighbor Noah Invites You on a Trip to Stylish North Korea

Neighbor Noah Lang lives in Precitaville, and he runs the wonderful Electric Works fine art press in SoMa. He’s a terrific fellow with superb taste, and I suspect he’d be a great travel companion. That’s important, because Neighbor Noah would like you … Continue reading

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Neighbor Ashley Illustrates the Horrifically Beautiful Weather on Bernal Hill

This winter has been freakishly warm and dry, which is simultaneously wonderful and alarming. Bernal neighbor and superstar illustrator Ashley Wolff has been documenting this phenomenon in her #DroughtDiaries2014, an ongoing series of illustrations that capture these warm-weather days as … Continue reading

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Yarn-Bombers Stage Daring Infiltration at Precita Playground

Happy New Year! We begin 2014 with news of a surprise direct-action by members of the knitting underground on two trees located at the eastern end of Precita Park, inside the beloved children’s playground. Analysts from the FBI and Knitting … Continue reading

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