Car Overturns Under Suspicious Circumstances on Bernal Hill



Drama!  Bad driving! Vehicular inversion! A suspicion of crime! On Bernal Hill!

There was an accident on the north side of Bernal Heights Boulevard late Saturday morning that left a vehicle overturned in a rather unlikely place. Neighbor Benjamin shared his photos, and this report from the scene:

On Saturday at about 11:20 AM, while waiting for the bus at Bradford and Esmeralda, I heard a terrific crash, and went to investigate.  This is what I saw when I arrived.  Witnesses said the four occupants of the car had all run off, which I take to mean they were probably up to no good.  Though on the plus side, that also probably means they were unhurt.  I tuned in to the Bernalwood blog this morning to get the details and was dismayed to find no mention of these events.

No further details on this yet, but Bernalwood will update this post as additional information becomes available.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Benjamin

Saturday: Band Called “View From Bernal Hill” Is Not From Bernal Heights, But Will Perform Near Bernal Hill



The View from Bernal Hill is a “chamber-flavored jazz” group that used to be called the Camille Mai Trio, until recently, when they decided to change their name to “The View from Bernal Hill.”

This is confusing, because the musicians in The View from Bernal Hill do not live in Bernal Heights — they just think we’re rather sexy and inspiring.

Band member Camille Mai tells Bernalwood:

Well, we don’t live in Bernal, but I had an out of body experience for the first time while on that hill.. and Fred, who shoots our videos, lives there, so I spend a lot of time over there editing video and going to progressive grounds :) We actually just shot a music video on the hill too! It’s such a truly amazing place…

Still confused? Don’t worry, it’s not you — it’s just confusing. But so what. Let’s just roll with it. Because we’re famous like that, and we do this to people. Especially creative-types.

Anyway, The View from Bernal Hill will perform at 7:30 pm on Saturday, July 26 at the Red Poppy Art House (2698 Folsom at 23rd) — which also is not in Bernal Heights, although it is, admittedly, sort of nearby.

In the meantime, you can also listen to this beautiful song, which was originally recorded by the Camille Mai Trio but is now performed by The View from Bernal Hill, which is the same thing, only different and a little more confusing. Plus, there’s a Bernal name-check at around 02:16…

PHOTOS: Poster by Telstar Logistics. Band by The View from Bernal Hill.

Bernal Hill Cleanup Was Successful — and Social



Neighbor Sarah, who helped organize the Bernal Hill cleanup last weekend with the (super sexy) Bernal Go Team, shares this Executive Summary of the cleanup party’s effort:

It went great! Good turnout, nice to meet neighbors. The scene wasn’t as bad as last year (probably because of the fog), but we still picked up many bags of fireworks, bottles, trash, and fossilized dog poop (shocking quantities of this). We also met some neighbors who didn’t even know about the official cleanup but were cleaning up on their own anyway.

PHOTO: Bernal Go! Team

Bernal Hill Escapes Fourth Unburned, Despite Efforts of Dimwits


With Karl the Fog providing a practical assist, the Fourth of July came and went uneventfully last Friday, and Bernal Hill survived the holiday unmolested by flames.

That’s not to say the Forces of Unsmartness stayed home for the holiday. On Saturday morning, Neigbor Valjoy discovered this sad tableau on Bernal Hill during the (completely awesome) Hillwide Cleanup organized by the Bernal GO Team.

As she aptly put it, “Fireworks + dry grass = what could possibly go wrong?”


PHOTO: Valjoy9

Bernal Heights Featured on Cover of Aspirational Fitness Magazine


Well, isn’t this rather stylish?

Neighbor Travis just got his July 2014 issue of Runner’s World, and — wouldn’t you know it! — the cover shot shows some buff-looking dude standing astride our very own scenic-looking Bernal Hill.

Run Strong! Stay Cool! Avoid Dog Poop!

Meanwhile, if you want to know what a homegrown Bernal Hill running superstar looks like, ignore the guy shown above, and instead look for this fleet-footed guy cruising around the neighborhood.


Watercolors of Bernal Heights by Neighbor Jessie Schlenker



Neighbor Jessie Schlenker has been doing some terrific Bernal Heights watercolors lately, and one of his pieces is now on display at the stylish Bernal Heights Library. Jessie tells Bernalwood:

I am a resident of Bernal, and like many, I’m head over heels in love with it.

My artistic relationship with San Francisco began the first time I visited the city on a family vacation. I grew up in suburbia, with its infinite varieties of the color beige, where navy blue and avocado were splashes of color. San Francisco was nourishment to this color-starved child. The variety and richness of the colors, languages, smells and the dense, visual texture of the city delighted my young mind.

The city during the hour of twilight is the focus of my work. As John Steinbeck so wonderfully puts it, “It’s the hour of the pearl. The interval between day and night when time stops and examines itself.”

The “hour of the pearl” is pure magic. The city and all her inhabitants start to relax into the evening. The sky is illuminated with fires of deep blue and turquoise while the city windows, cars, buses, bridges and streetlights glow with their own warmth. I become enchanted and feel compelled to capture that elusive light with the medium of watercolors.

My latest work is on display at the Bernal Library. it’s a painting of the corner at 18th and mission. Sorry, no photo of it yet.

It’s on display at the library because i’m part of the Russeller Watercolor Society that meets in their community room every other Friday from 1-5pm. I’m one of the organizers of the group. We have several wonderful watercolorists from the hill join us. Laurie Wigham paints with us, as you might remember.

IMAGES: Jessie Schlenker

Photographs from Last Night, or, Earthquake Weather on Bernal Hill

Earthquake Weather
Earthquake Weather
Earthquake Weather

It was warm last night, with a full moon, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky. In other words, classic earthquake weather, as Neighbor and Rockstar Matt Nathanson recently taught Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter.

There were no earthquakes last night, thankfully. But Bernal Hill is always a magical place on nights like last night — a warm island of darkness in an ocean of city lights.

So, as is our custom, your Bernalwood editor headed up Bernal Hill last night to take some snapshots, including the ones shown above.

Here are a few more. Enjoy this weather while is lasts, because July will be here soon enough:

Earthquake Weather
Earthquake Weather
Earthquake Weather

UPDATE: Looks like I wasn’t the only one up on the hill last night with a camera. Neighbor Boris had the moonrise covered as well:


PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics and Boris Kostaglatov