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Hot Item at Safeway: Shopping Carts

Sometimes you just have make a Safeway run at 4:30 p.m. on a Saturday. And when you do, you generally expect to be able to shop with the help of, you know, a shopping cart. But this past Saturday, despite … Continue reading

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Confirmed: The Stray Bar Is For Sale, Announces Plan to Close in January

There’s been a lot of buzz around Bernalwood concerning this real estate listing, and now Miss Karen from the beloved and canine-friendly Stray Bar on Cortland has posted an announcement to explain what’s going on: To our Friends, Customers & … Continue reading

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Nervous Dog Coffee Announces Imminent Closure; Sadness Ensues

Neigbor Vic brings sad news from the Bernalwood/La Lengua Liminal Zone. Nervous Dog Coffee is closing: I saw this today and it’s a major bummer for me. I get all my beans at Nervous Dog Coffee on the corner of Mission … Continue reading

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Red Hill Bookstore Will Close (But Won’t Go Away)

One of the greatest charms of Cortland Avenue is the way Bernal’s commercial district feels adrift in time — a 1940s vision of Main Street USA, but with much better food and electric bicycles. There’s definitely some truth to that … Continue reading

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BYO-Bagism Up in Bernal Heights, Plus: Get a Free Canvas Tote This Weekend

It’s been three weeks since the city instituted its 10-cent minimum charge for compostable, recycled paper, or reusable sacks at the checkout counter, and so far the policy seems to be an easy pill for Bernal Heights to swallow. (No big … Continue reading

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Kickstarting Bernal Heights: Hillside Supper Club, Barbasket, and Zip Cup

Here in Bernal Heights, Kickstarter fundraising efforts have become kind of like Louis Vuitton handbags on Cortland Street: Everybody has one. Let’s sit in on pitch meetings from three Bernal entrepreneurs: Hillside Supper Club Bernalwood has been following the adventures … Continue reading

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This Young Bernal Entrepreneur Wants to Jog with Your Dog

Bernalwood supports our many merchants and businesses in Bernal Heights, and in that spirit we bring you this announcement from one of our more energetic local service providers: My name is Enoch Pacheco. I’m a 14 year old resident of … Continue reading

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Ancient Decal Reveals Primitive Origins of La Lengua Identity

To properly manage the delicate relationship between the Dominion of Bernalwood and our rebellious vassals from La Lengua, it is important for us to understand the longstanding roots of the La Lenguans’ search for autonomy. Neighbor Ben recently discovered an … Continue reading

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Last Vestiges of Infamous Nasser Market Disappear

Neighbor Lessley brings us this update on the evolution of the former Nasser Market space on the corner of Crescent and Anderson: Nasser Market, the infamous Crescent Ave. liquor store that inspired a 2008 murder and served as a drug … Continue reading

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Newfangled Electric Bicycle Shop Opens on Cortland

Last weekend, The New Wheel opened at last at 420 Cortland. As previously reported, The New Wheel is a newfangled kind of bicycle shop, specializing in electric bikes that effectively “flatten” San Francisco hills — including our own Bernal Hill. … Continue reading

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Bernal Bucks Featured on Front Page of Today’s LA Times

Our very own “weird little borderline utopia” here in Bernal Heights makes an appearance on the front page of today’s Los Angeles Times, in an article about the unique (and fabulous) Bernal Bucks local currency program. The LAT article begins thus: … Continue reading

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An Inventory of Services Offered on the Good Life Bulletin Board

For the benefit of potential clients, prospective homeowners, cultural anthropologists, and future archaeologists, Bernalwood presents this comprehensive inventory of services offered via the Good Life Grocery bulletin board, as it appeared on January 7, 2012 at 4:43 pm: Academic Editing … Continue reading

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The Mysterious New Store at 420 Cortland, REVEALED!

For weeks, mystery has surrounded the newly renovated storefront at 420 Cortland Street. Word on the street was that a tenant had been found. But who?! And what?! Then, a clue appeared… in the form of a question mark: Then, … Continue reading

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