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City May Offer Svanemyr Family $15 Million in Fatal Holly Park Hit and Run Settlement

The Examiner has an update on the tragic case of Christy Svanemyr, the woman who was killed in Holly Park after she was run over by a San Francisco Rec and Park department truck last September. The Examiner says Svanemyr family is pursuing a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Boozy Miscreants Use Dormant Home as Million-Dollar Party Shack

It is 2014 and San Francisco is booming, housing is scarce, real estate is ridiculously expensive, and Bernal Heights is officially the sexiest neighborhood in the entire galaxy. And yet, somehow, in the middle of all this, it’s still possible for … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Home Fire Reveals Marijuana Grow Farm

KCBS reports that an overnight fire in a Mayflower Street night revealed an unexpected surprise: Firefighters battled a one-alarm fire in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood where they uncovered an illegal marijuana grow operation this morning, a fire dispatcher said. … Continue reading

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Alex Nieto Shooting Investigation Will Be Very Long and Probably Very Unsatisfying

Neighbor Jim noticed some ad hoc messaging on Cortland yesterday during his morning exercise: Maybe you’ve already heard, but there are Alex Nieto stencils and posters on Cortland sidewalks on just about every block. Yes, your Bernalwood editor noticed this … Continue reading

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Kindly Refrain From Incinerating Bernal Hill on July Fourth (and Help Clean Up Afterward)

Neighbor Sarah, your intrepid public safety correspondent, has a humble request for all Citizens of Bernalwood during the upcoming July Fourth holiday: Please do not turn Bernal Hill into a blazing inferno. Neighbor Sarah explains: It’s that time of year again – time … Continue reading

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Scary Brush Fire Burns Grass, Damages One Home in South Bernal

Late yesterday afternoon, several Bernalese reported seeing a grim column of smoke rising from the skies of south Bernal, around I-280. The cause was a brush fire, which spread quickly around Ellsworth, just south of Moultrie. The Chronicle reported: Reports … Continue reading

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Be a Hero: Get NERT Emergency Preparedness Training in Bernal Heights

It’s a question of when — not if. We don’t know when a big earthquake (or Godzilla incursion) will occur, but we do know that Bernal Heights will be prepared, thanks to our robust foundation of chert and the many trained Neighborhood Emergency Response … Continue reading

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Memorial Service Planned for Johny William Alonzo-Castillo, Victim of Hit and Run Collision

Bernal Neighbor Michael Nolan has penned an obituary in MissionLocal for Johny William Alonzo-Castillo, the motorist who was killed in the horrific hit-and-run collision on Cesar Chavez at Folsom in the early morning hours of May 3. Neighbor Michael writes: Alonzo-Castillo, … Continue reading

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Fallen Tree Blockades West End of Cortland Avenue

Though it remains unclear whether this was an act of Nature or an ad hoc effort to deter Soviet ground invasion forces, Neighbor Kimberly reports that the western end of Cortland is under blockade this morning: Tree down on Cortland Near Eugenia. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: One Dead After Hit and Run Collision on Cesar Chavez

There was a horrific hit and run accident on Cesar Chavez at Folsom in the early hours of Saturday morning that resulted in the death of one crash victim. Marisa Lagos from the Chronicle has the story: The crash happened about … Continue reading

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Valiant Power Pole Halts Runaway Van Rolling Down Treat Street

Neighbor Rusty reports that a runaway van rolled down the 1600 block of Treat Street, just south of Precita Park. Fortuitously, a heroic PG&E electric pole sacrificed itself by halting the vehicle’s progress moments before it slammed into a house. *whew!* Close call: Well, … Continue reading

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Dramatic Car Fire Awakens Eugenia Neighbors

Neighbor Tucker witnessed a rather spectacular spectacle early this morning: Well that was crazy. A car was on fire at the corner of Eugenia and Coleridge this morning. The SFFD arrived in no time, and had the fire out almost immediately. … Continue reading

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Ash from Huge Mission Bay Fire Crash-Lands in Bernal Heights

That big five-alarm fire in Mission Bay yesterday created a massive plume of smoke that was visible all over the Bay Area. It was so big, in fact, that it carried bits of ash all the way to Bernal Heights. … Continue reading

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