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UPDATED: One Dead After Hit and Run Collision on Cesar Chavez

There was a horrific hit and run accident on Cesar Chavez at Folsom in the early hours of Saturday morning that resulted in the death of one crash victim. Marisa Lagos from the Chronicle has the story: The crash happened about … Continue reading

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Valiant Power Pole Halts Runaway Van Rolling Down Treat Street

Neighbor Rusty reports that a runaway van rolled down the 1600 block of Treat Street, just south of Precita Park. Fortuitously, a heroic PG&E electric pole sacrificed itself by halting the vehicle’s progress moments before it slammed into a house. *whew!* Close call: Well, … Continue reading

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Dramatic Car Fire Awakens Eugenia Neighbors

Neighbor Tucker witnessed a rather spectacular spectacle early this morning: Well that was crazy. A car was on fire at the corner of Eugenia and Coleridge this morning. The SFFD arrived in no time, and had the fire out almost immediately. … Continue reading

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Ash from Huge Mission Bay Fire Crash-Lands in Bernal Heights

That big five-alarm fire in Mission Bay yesterday created a massive plume of smoke that was visible all over the Bay Area. It was so big, in fact, that it carried bits of ash all the way to Bernal Heights. … Continue reading

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Jackie Jones (and Her Dancing Cat) Need Our Help

Back in August 2011, your Bernalwood editor wrote a few appreciative words about the incomparable Jackie Jones: Jackie Jones has been a Saturday fixture at Bernal’s own Alemany Farmer’s Market for as long as I can remember, entertaining foodies — … Continue reading

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Bayshore Fire Creates Illusory Mt. Sutrito Eruption

Neighbor Brandon made a comment about yesterday’s big industrial fire in Bayshore, to the effect that from the western side of Bernal Hill, the smoke from the blaze made it look like a volcano had erupted at the peak of … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Explosion, Fire in Bayshore Alarms Bernal Neighbors

Details are just beginning to stream in, but a massive explosion and fire in the Bayshore District has created huge plumes of smoke visible over Bernal Heights. The SFFD is responding a three-alarm blaze at an auto body shop on … Continue reading

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Victims Identified, Owner Devastated in Aftermath of Fatal Accident on Cortland

Neighbor R contacted Bernalwood to find out if the Bernal community can somehow assist the families struggling to recover from last week’s fatal accident at Galaxy/CGI Granite on Cortland. To assess their needs, he visited the facility over the weekend: … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Falling Granite Kills Two Workers at Cortland Industrial Workshop

Lots of questions from Bernalwood readers about all the helicopters over the neighborhood right now. KCBS reports there’s been a fatal accident at the Cortland workshop of CGI Granite: SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – One person was killed and another … Continue reading

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Some Seasonal Excitement Involving Fire Trucks on Coleridge

Last night, Neighbor Laura heard a commotion outside her house. Fire trucks on Coleridge! Two firetrucks at the corner of Coleridge and Eugenia. Cc/ @Bernalwood— said by laura (@saidbylaura) December 05, 2013 Drama! But not too much drama. Just … Continue reading

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A Sad, Sudden Farewell to the Deli Pub on Cortland

Your Bernalwood editor recently received some troubling reports that the venerable and much-loved Deli Pub sandwich shop on Cortland at Bocana had closed down. We heard rumors of a violent robbery at the Deli Pub, but our sources on Cortland were … Continue reading

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Will Last Night’s Blackout Bequeath a Bernal Baby Boom?

Darkness fell on Eastern Precitaville last night, as a PG&E transformer bit the dust near the intersection of Alabama and Precita, causing a prolonged blackout. The Bernalwood Action News Satellite Uplink Miata rushed to the scene to investigate, where a … Continue reading

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Young Son of Accused Holly Park Hit and Run Driver Is Arrested for Hit and Run

On top of everything else, this is simply unbelievable: The son of a city gardener accused of running over a woman in a San Francisco park has been arrested for leaving the scene of a collision with a bicyclist. Prosecutors … Continue reading

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