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Campos Conducts Safety Hearing After Holly Park Tragedy

Amid angry concern that City employees continue to endanger the safety of neighborhood residents, D9 Supervisor David Campos held a hearing yesterday in City Hall to review Recreation and Parks Department procedures in the wake of the Sept. 5 tragedy … Continue reading

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Emotional Vigil in Holly Park Remembers Christy Svanemyr

The vigil for Christy Svanemyr that took place yesterday was sad and powerful. Held on the very ground in Holly Park where she was killed by a Recreation & Parks pickup truck on the afternoon of Sept. 5, the vigil … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Weeks After Tragedy, Rec and Park Vehicles Still Drive in Holly Park; No Charges Filed Against Deadly Driver

As you know, there’s a vigil tonight at 5 pm for Christy Svanemyr, the victim in the Holly Park hit-and-run tragedy. Please attend if you can — not just because it’s a fitting way to remember Christy, but also because the … Continue reading

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Thursday: Vigil for Christy Svanemyr, Victim in Holly Park Death

A group of Bernal neighbors have organized to hold a vigil for Christy Svanemyr, the wife, mother, and Zen monk who died on on Sept. 5 after she was was run over by a Recreation and Park vehicle in Holly Park. The … Continue reading

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As Investigation Continues, City Worker Says He Did Not Realize He’d Hit a Person in Holly Park

The hit-and-run that caused the death of Christy Svanemyr in Holly Park at 2:30 pm on September 5 was a terrible tragedy that continues to unfold in many sad chapters. Vivian Ho at the San Francisco Chronicle has been reporting on Thomas … Continue reading

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Supervisor Campos Calls for Hearings to Review Rec and Park Vehicle Policy

More fallout from the hit-and-run death of Christy Svanemyr last Thursday in Holly Park. San Francisco Chronicle reporter (and Bernal neighbor) Marisa Lagos has the details about a round of hearings proposed by District 9 Supervisor David Campos: Campos will call for … Continue reading

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How to Make Holly Park Safe Again

Lilia S. lives in Sunnyside, but she wrote to Bernalwood last night with an astute list of reforms that might be undertaken in the aftermath of Christy Svanemyr’s death last week in Holly Park, to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again: … Continue reading

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Fund Collects Donations for Holly Park Victim Christy Svanemyr’s Surviving Family

Christy Svanemyr didn’t live in Bernal Heights. But last Thursday, when she died in Holly Park after a Recreation and Parks Department truck drove over her as she lay on the grass with her daughter, Christy Svanemyr became a part … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Mother Killed by City-Owned Truck in Holly Park Hit-and-Run Identified; Driver Arrested

An unimaginable tragedy has transpired in Holly Park. This is what we know: [UPDATED] During a warm and sunny afternoon on Thursday Sept 5, 2013 in Bernal Heights, Christine Svanemyr, 35, her infant daughter Isa, and her dog Ponyo were relaxing … Continue reading

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Bernal Isle Resort: A Modest Proposal for the Future of Bernal Heights

This week, the New York Times reports that scientists believe global warming could cause up to three feet of sea-level rise by the year 2100. With sea levels rising, we must look forward… many, many, many years forward, to envision … Continue reading

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Fire! Another Blaze Burns East Side of Bernal Hill

At sunset last night, a small brush fire singed the eastern tip of Bernal Hill. It was the second blaze on the hill in as many months, following a small brush fire in the same general area that broke out … Continue reading

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Sad Neighbors Want to Know Who Hit Their Parked Car on Saturday Night

This is a sad photo of Neighbor Amanda’s car. The car was hit on Saturday night while parked on the east side of Bernal Heights. Neighbor Amanda and her husband are understandably very sad, and they would welcome your help … Continue reading

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FIRE! July Fourth Antics Trigger Blaze on Bernal Hill

The weather last night was uncommonly warm, fog-free, and wonderful for the City’s annual July Fourth fireworks display, and Bernal Hill was packed with spectators  to watch the show. The official fireworks went off without a hitch, but later in … Continue reading

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