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City May Offer Svanemyr Family $15 Million in Fatal Holly Park Hit and Run Settlement

The Examiner has an update on the tragic case of Christy Svanemyr, the woman who was killed in Holly Park after she was run over by a San Francisco Rec and Park department truck last September. The Examiner says Svanemyr family is pursuing a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Bring Your Cool Car (and Maybe Your Kids) on the 2014 Bernal GT 100

There are a great many car rallies in this world, but there are very few where you may see a Ferrari used as a donut rack. The Bernal GT just happens to be one such rally. The Bernal GT is an annual confab of … Continue reading

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UPDATED: One Dead After Hit and Run Collision on Cesar Chavez

There was a horrific hit and run accident on Cesar Chavez at Folsom in the early hours of Saturday morning that resulted in the death of one crash victim. Marisa Lagos from the Chronicle has the story: The crash happened about … Continue reading

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Valiant Power Pole Halts Runaway Van Rolling Down Treat Street

Neighbor Rusty reports that a runaway van rolled down the 1600 block of Treat Street, just south of Precita Park. Fortuitously, a heroic PG&E electric pole sacrificed itself by halting the vehicle’s progress moments before it slammed into a house. *whew!* Close call: Well, … Continue reading

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UPDATED: “Smart Car Tipping” Is a Thing, and It Happened in Bernal Heights Last Night

As you may know, “cow-tipping” is mostly at the stuff of rural legend. As Modern Farmer explains, “Cow tipping, at least as popularly imagined, does not exist. Drunk young men do not, on any regular basis, sneak into cow pastures … Continue reading

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Dramatic Car Fire Awakens Eugenia Neighbors

Neighbor Tucker witnessed a rather spectacular spectacle early this morning: Well that was crazy. A car was on fire at the corner of Eugenia and Coleridge this morning. The SFFD arrived in no time, and had the fire out almost immediately. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Bernal Dads Drive World’s Fastest Cookie In 24 Hours of LeMons Race

As you read this now, your Bernalwood editor is embedded with the Bernal Dads Racing team at Sonoma Raceway, in preparation for the 24 Hours of LeMons race that is set to take place this weekend. The Bernal Dads have … Continue reading

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If You Buy This 1968 Ford F250 in Bernal Heights, It Will Change Your Life

If the whole Prius scene is starting to seem a little passé, and the Tesla thing is a little too rich, and the Mazda5 minivan still feels a little emasculating (even with the manual transmission), have no fear! Someone in … Continue reading

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Fresh Donuts Come to Bernal Heights (But Taste Kind of Rubbery)

Several readers have written to us recently about new tire-mark “donuts” that have appeared at intersections around Bernal Heights. Last week, your Bernalwood editor was awakened in the middle of the night by the squealing sound of automobile tires — … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbors Receive “Parking Tickets of Love”

Via Neighbor Andy, we bring this cheerful news that the SFVDA — the San Francisco Valentine’s Day Agency — is currently ticketing vehicles in Bernal Heights with “Parking tickets of Love.” Awwwww.  Happy Valentines Day, Bernal Heights!

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Bernal Dads Racing: The Molvo Is Dead! Long Live the Molvo!

The end came not with a bang, or even with a whimper. It was more like a deep, bubbling hisssssss. The Bernal Dads Racing Team has announced the demise of the Molvo, their oddball race car with identity issues. As … Continue reading

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Bernal Writer Wonders, “Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?”

Writer Dan Duane is a proud resident of Greater Cortlandia, and in last Sunday’s New York Times, he wrote a provocative essay about imbalances in the US legal system that allow many motorists to face few penalties when collisions with … Continue reading

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Young Son of Accused Holly Park Hit and Run Driver Is Arrested for Hit and Run

On top of everything else, this is simply unbelievable: The son of a city gardener accused of running over a woman in a San Francisco park has been arrested for leaving the scene of a collision with a bicyclist. Prosecutors … Continue reading

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