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Neighbor Tracks Coolant Trail to Find Car Used in Hit-and-Run

Neighbor Margo tells the tale of a Bernal neighbor who followed a trail of antifreeze to find the vehicle that hit his parked car: On Saturday we noticed police activity outside our home, and upon inquiring, learned that a guy … Continue reading

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This is America’s Most Badass Volvo Station Wagon, and It’s from Bernal Heights

This weekend, those grease-stained fathers from the Bernal Dads Racing team will depart Bernal Heights to compete at the Thunderhill Park Raceway in scenic Willows, California. That’s where they plan to race The Whale — their battle-scarred Volvo 240 station wagon — in yet … Continue reading

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Security Camera Reveals Face of Thief Breaking Into Cars on Bonview

If you’ve ever had someone break into your car, you’ve probably experienced the fantasy that involves being able to see the face of the dirtball who violated your space and took your stuff — if only to know what kind of person is that … Continue reading

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Car Overturns Under Suspicious Circumstances on Bernal Hill

Drama!  Bad driving! Vehicular inversion! A suspicion of crime! On Bernal Hill! There was an accident on the north side of Bernal Heights Boulevard late Saturday morning that left a vehicle overturned in a rather unlikely place. Neighbor Benjamin shared his photos, and … Continue reading

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City May Offer Svanemyr Family $15 Million in Fatal Holly Park Hit and Run Settlement

The Examiner has an update on the tragic case of Christy Svanemyr, the woman who was killed in Holly Park after she was run over by a San Francisco Rec and Park department truck last September. The Examiner says Svanemyr family is pursuing a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Bring Your Cool Car (and Maybe Your Kids) on the 2014 Bernal GT 100

There are a great many car rallies in this world, but there are very few where you may see a Ferrari used as a donut rack. The Bernal GT just happens to be one such rally. The Bernal GT is an annual confab of … Continue reading

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UPDATED: One Dead After Hit and Run Collision on Cesar Chavez

There was a horrific hit and run accident on Cesar Chavez at Folsom in the early hours of Saturday morning that resulted in the death of one crash victim. Marisa Lagos from the Chronicle has the story: The crash happened about … Continue reading

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